The Trudeau Horgan Fentanyl attack on North America with RCMP Lucki, the AFN Chiefs, and the Little Whore from Clavet.

( For the 225, 000 dead and the countless victims crippled by Justin Trudeau, on the Wave. )

Author © Dennis Rohel

Author of Justin Trudeau, Brenda Lucki, AFN Chiefs and unconstitutional indigenous cleansing in Canada.

Introduction The Code Noir

Angel Makers began to resist evil, when Justin Trudeau and his RCMP killed 250,000 people across North America.  Trudeau paid 5 Government Ministers including Judges, Crown Attorneys, 30,000 RCMP (military police), and Universal Healthcare to process 25,000 dead children in the land of forest and ice.  Then, they surprise attacked the Americans.  The same Chretien / Soave E Division RCMP killed 200,000 Americans with Trudeau.  How?  Trudeau distributed Fentanyl east from Vancouver BC to St. John's NL on the Trans Canada Highway.

Angel Makers tracked their dead children in the newspapers and obituaries, as Fentanyl came to town along on the Serpents Tail.  Death rode the Trans Canada Highway east, as Justin Trudeau's poison spilled across the American border.  Trudeau charmed America, as Trudeau's military media attacked America, silently.

Justin Trudeau, an evil man, made a mistake.  He imported 10 times to much poison.  The spill turned into a flood into America, as the forest and ice people pushed away the poison.  The beast Trudeau would hide behind his 3 children Xavier James, Ella-Grace Margaret, and Hadrien Grégoire.  He would charm Melania Trump, while he killed America's children.  Quiet!

Quietly, Trudeau threw out the Constitution with the AFN, and Premier Horgan of British Columbia helped Justin Trudeau and the military media kill 225, 000 people across North America.  Justin Trudeau charmed Michel and Barrack Obama, as Obama watched his bro love kill thousands in Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho on his watch!  Quiet!

Michel and Barrack Obama did a sugar water dance with Trudeau, during the first 5 months of the 16 month attack across the American border from Washington State to Maine.  News, the State Daily Newspapers documented the murders by Trudeau and Horgan from the North.  Obama had 7 1/2 years to practice, and these are his kills on his watch!  Quiet, the United Nations might catch on and match North American life expectancy to Trudeau!

Did you help Trudeau kill our children? 

Then, Angel Makers in your neighbourhood can gut your children for hate, revenge, and the money.

Introduction to the Forest and Ice People

Domino, the Rocks, the Ice People, and Trudeau Slavers Lie

British Slavers, French Slavers, They Don't Call me Slave

These fake French Joes sold their own Indigenous women with no shame, as the dominant English had their own supply of women.  The entire land of forest and ice was characterized by Joes delivering indigenous girls for sex, drugs, alcohol, and Hep C to the descendents of British and fake French with Indigenous genes for 107 years to Conferderation.  Confederation stole the land of the real forest and ice.  They didn't call us Slave.  The Catholic Church oversaw the integration of indigenous girls for the British and the French.  They were felt up like Slaves by Trudeau's kind.  British men delivered the furs, wood, coal, fish, whale oil, and resources to Britain, and British men were able to get limited numbers of domestics, cleaners, wives, and child care after 1867.  Imagine populating the land of forest and ice without a railroad and steamship?  The land of forest and ice was to much to tough for wagon trains and earlier settlement.  Why?  Temperature. 

The British monopoly known as the Hudson's Bay Company would kept vast amounts of land along the railroad for sale and land grants to the British.  The King's Ransom or Conferderation was sold and billed as Independence by the British and French Speaking Indigenous people with French names.  The rest of the Indigenous people had 3100 treaties inserted into the Constitution held in Britain.  Their great Chiefs who kept them alive without metal and energy, are named in each treaty.  Metal and Energy joined the British Colonists, French Speaking Indigenous, Independent Indigenous, and Indigenous Reserves between 1867 until 1906, when the last treaty was signed.  These forest and ice people learned quickly where to find Joes selling girls on skid row in their neighbourhoods, villages, towns, and a few cities by 1906.

These Great Chiefs kept their tribes alive under horrible conditions, before the human organism advanced to use metal and energy.  Today, The Assembly of First Nations has thrown out their Chiefs achievements, sacrifice, and their treaties with the Constitution in the land of forest and ice.  The AFN Chiefs traded their great Chiefs for no receipt Trudeau.  The French speaking Indigenous with French names would not only get no receipt Trudeau, but they would also get their own country, Quebec.  The AFN Chiefs allow the Joes to keep fresh girls on 20th Street in Riversdale.  That's how Rohel's friend Penny met The Little Whore from Clavet.  Becky was from one of 3,100 Indian reserves supplying sex to the righteous, nice, polite forest and ice people.  Becky was working both sides of the law on 20th street in Riversdale with her father Joe.

In 1978, Canada's genocide and infanticide found roots with her father Joe, and Joe's Little Whore from Clavet SK.  Becky was a young indigenous girl living in Clavet, when Joe drove his little whore Becky to Saskatoon SK in the old blue Ford Truck, with his sons in the late 70s and early 80s for the sex and drug trade.  Joe, Becky, her brother BJ, and her older brothers worked both sides of the law on 20th Street in Riversdale.  The forest and ice people relied on indigenous men like Joe and his family to transport young girls from 3100 Canadian Indigenous reserves to the sex trade in their neighbourhood, village, towns, and cities.  In Saskatoon, the Clan from Clavet traded sex, drugs, alcohol, Hep C, and AIDS on 20th Street West in Riversdale, along with Joes from the 782 indigenous reserves across Saskatchewan.

Penny eventually invited Becky to one of the too frequent parties at Rohel's mobile home at 20 Star Trailer Court in Saskatoon in the late 1970s.  On one of their visits, Becky would brag about her family selling information with Penny and Rohel.  Meanwhile, Rohel was attending University, drove truck, kept bees, worked hotel security, pumped gas and diesel, got married, managed Imperial Parking, got divorced, got fired, rebuilt a fire damaged mobile home, and rebuilt the Martensville Car Wash, between 1978 - 1988.  Then in 1988, Rohel drove to Ottawa ON for a change of scenery, where he lived from August 1988 - January 1991.  Ottawa started with day work at Labour Ready that summer, before Rohel became a junk yard dog at Union Auto Parts in the fall.  He left Union the next summer, before he studied accounting at Algonquin College from the fall of 1989 to the spring of 1990.  Then, Rohel found a job managing an apartment building in Lowertown Ottawa.

In the fall of 1990, Rohel studied Computer Science at Ottawa University, until Christmas.  It was time for a change.  You should follow your dreams in your late 20's because before you know, it's to late.  Rohel quit Ottawa U's at Christmas break.  Rohel got in his car with his belongings and he drove to Vancouver BC on January 1 1991.  He'd wanted to live on the West Coast, since the Imperial Parking seminar in Vancouver BC during Expo 86.  The 1991 drive across Canada didn't include Joe's whore in Riversdale.  Instead the drive included 3,100 Joes from reserves across Canada selling girls, sex, drugs, alcohol, Hep C, and AIDS to the righteous, nice, polite, forest and ice people.
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Rohel arrived in Vancouver with the dreaded penniless problem, so Rohel slept in his car for the first week in the Kitsalano area of Vancouver BC.  He eventually found a shoe box room in Kitsilano, and Vancouver was incredible!  These Joes trucked girls to the colonial marketplace known as the Vancouver downtown east side or DES.  Fortunately, Rohel didn't recognize Joe, The Little Whore from Clavet, BJ, or the Clan from Clavet on during his drive by the DES?  This was a break, because Vancouver BC and Los Angeles CA are similar in that they both cities spit back a strong group of contenders and dreamers.  Rohel found a contract job doing a survey for forestry on Vancouver Island, resulting in The State of the Forest Report by the BC Government.  On his return to Vancouver, Rohel rented a room at the Patricia Hotel on Hastings Street (Jump Street) on the DES of Vancouver that fall and winter.  He studied lower mainland retailers and wholesalers in the legendary Computer Paper, as he built his own computer. 

In the spring of 1992, Rohel jumped off jump street to a tiny 1 bedroom basement suite at Victoria and Venables near Commercial Drive in Vancouver, and he registered Envirotech Canada Computer Services with the Province of BC.  His computer began chasing down customers by faxing out advertising with a Garfield theme.  His neighbour James began picking up computer parts, and that fall Envirotech moved to an office at the Time Air Hanger in Richmond BC near the Vancouver International Airport.  In 1993, Envirotech supplied computers to Canadian Airlines, and John joined while with Computer Based Pilot Training at Canadian.  Envirotech started importing computer notebooks, and Rick from Time Air sold them wholesale in western Canada.  Garth bought out John in the summer of 1993, and Envirotech took a bigger office on Voyageur Drive in Richmond.  Darkness landed in the form of the Canada Revenue Agency, as the CRA decided their blanket import authority for computer notebooks was not North American Free Trade Agreement, after all.

The $30,000.00 penalty shot with import fees and penalties buried Envirotech, as James and Rick quit.  Rohel gave his remaining partner Garth, as much as he could in a computer.  The town drunk's son from St. Brieux SK was crushed, as he closed the office.  Rohel boarded a Greyhound Bus in Lynden WA heading for Mazatland Mexico, and 2 months later Rohel rode the Greyhound back to Vancouver BC from Mexico to the Patricia Hotel in the DES in January 1994, again.  He watched Kariya in the World Junior Championships, and he picked up a few jobs with old customers like the Valley Recovery network in Abbotsford.  The DES soup kitchen came to know Rohel, but he would never beg.  In the early spring of 1994, Rohel finally received his unemployment insurance, as UI fought his application, while the premiums were paid by Envirotech. 

Rohel upgraded to the Hildon Hotel in Gastown on W. Cordova, where he met Jimmy the Junkie and his sidekick Jeff on the DES, when they lived together at the Gastown Hotel.  Rohel bought a few computers from Jimmy and Jeff, while the Vancouver Canucks lost in the playoffs to the New York Rangers.  Later, Jimmy and Jeff were chased down and captured with stolen goods using Rohel's Hyundai.  Their lawyer Art Demueulemister had Rohel sign that they had permission to them to use the Hyundai.  That fall, Rohel met his new girlfriend Barb at the Lamplighter Pub in Gastown.  Bob from Envirotech offered Rohel a room in his apartment on Dollarton Road in North Vancouver, until their new apartment was painted.  Barb and Rohel lived on Dollarton Rd and they travelled the Greyhound to Barb's parents in Nelson BC for Christmas, before they returned to North Vancouver.

May 1st 1995, they moved into a new building next to the Aldergrove Inn in Aldergrove BC, where Barb was close to her Grandmother and Uncle's.  One year later in May 1996, they moved to Meunster Street in New Westminster BC.  Their computer business was changed completely, and the world found the Internet and a Netscape browser.  Barb worked phone soliciting for new customers, as they shifted their business to the Internet.  That summer they stopped at the Piccadilly Pub for a beer, and the bartender called upstairs to Jimmy.  Jimmy was sharing the queen sized bed above the bar with his new boy Little Mike.  Rohel knew he could not trust Jimmy and Little Mike.  Jimmy would sell out his mother to jump off cocks, spit out the semen, and trade his queen sized bed above the bar in a heart beat for another gig.  Unfortunately, Barb made the mistake of giving the junkies our address on Meunster Street.

A week or so later, Jimmy showed up in New Westminster with a Honda Civic with multi coloured body parts on each corner and hood, and he tried to push worthless junk computer equipment on Rohel.  Jimmy the Junkie got angry, however Rohel and Barb held firm, as they were now geared to the Internet and not computer hardware.  Jimmy had new bosses, and Rohel soon found out that they owned the car.  Jimmy drove Rohel to south Vancouver, where Rohel met the Clan from Clavet with Little Mike.  Rohel knew Jimmy and Little Mike would learn the back stabbing informant business from Joe, BJ, Becky, her children and the rest of the Clan from Clavet.  Little Mike showed Rohel another thieving car in the separate outside garage.  Rohel could see the DES Clan from Clavet was closely connected to the Clan from Clavet in Saskatoon.  This meant that the Saskatoon Rebels were now at the mercy of two junkies on the DES connected to the Clan from Clavet.  Jimmy's first job was to spread Hepatitis C for the Clan from Clavet, and Barb's parents realized they were the targets when they took a call from the Nelson Health District.

Jimmy was not charged, even though he called the Nelson Health District or Universal Healthcare as it's billed but never delivered in the land of forest and ice.  This occurred in Nelson BC during Christmas.  After New Years 1997, Rohel and Barb returned to their apartment and the web.  The next summer, Barb's Grandmother, Barb, and Rohel drove to Nelson for Barb's sisters wedding, before they returning to Meunster.  In August 1997, Barb moved back to her Grandmother in Langley BC, and Rohel moved into Garth's basement on Ranelaugh in Burnaby BC, when they broke up.  Rohel remained committed to was a Internet based software project for the auto glass industry, which Rohel saw the need for while doing contract work for Broco.  Garth wanted seed shares in the software project.  In exchange, Garth provided free rent, his mother invested a little seed money, and Rohel supplied 3 PC's for development.  Rohel had disappeared with no trace for Jimmy, Little Mike, and the Clan from Clavet.  That fall the righteous, nice, polite children beat 14 year old classmate Reena Virk to death in Victoria BC, and Prime Minister Jean Chretien ordered the RCMP to beat and pepper spray protestors to keep Canada's nasty secrets out of sight during the APEC summit in Vancouver.  Rohel ignored the common murders and beatings in the land of forest and ice.  The first Beta Version 1.0 of was completed in April 1998, and the Beta Version included a searchable database with 14,000 cars including the parts and labour to repair each vehicle at auto glass shops.  The glass shops are connected to wholesalers and insurance companies with live video confirmed claim processing over the Internet.

That spring, Garth's glucose tester for insulin malfunctioned, and he drove his white Cadillac into a water barrier by the tunnel, as he fell unconscious.  Falling asleep at the wrong time would be educational for Rohel, as he stocked up on food and liquor to touch up his Beta Version.  In April 1998, Rohel made a trip to Philadelphia to demonstrate his software to a well known and respected auto glass wholesaler, Independent Auto Glass.  Independent Auto Glass agreed they could use software for glass distribution via the Internet.  Rohel was satified with his reception, and returned to Vancouver to helped Garth shut down his law office in the Pender Building in Vancouver.  That's when Jimmy, Little Mike, and the Clan from Clavet informants on the DES of Vancouver found Rohel, again  Shortly after, Rohel saw Jimmy flying the Clan from Clavet colors around the neighbourhood with the Honda Civic.  Shortly after the Honda Civic, BJ's black panel van was parked behind the house along the alley.  Rohel was certain Jimmy and his boy Little Mike were informants with the Little Whore from Clavet, pedophile Joe, and the Clan from Clavet.

Rohel had told other people about the Little Whoe from Clavet, and she was prood of setting up people she met, as an informant.  In October 1998, Rohel missed a phone call from the RCMP.  The RCMP is a military police force controlled by the Prime Minister.  RCMP Calvin Godart called from the RCMP detachment in Abbotsford BC.  These are the RCMP that beat up the protestors during APEC.  Rohel was informed by voicemail that his brother Leo Rohel wanted contact him.  I returned Calvin's call, only to fall into voice mail, as well.  I left a message, that I'd received the message to call Leo Rohel.  I called Leo, and he told me the town drunk died in 1997.  We kept it civil.  Leo, also offered that he was going to forward my phone number to a few people.  As the town drunks son, I was more concerned with Joe's Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy, and Little Mike to harassing me from the alley.  Several days later, the phone rang with a voice from the past, Hi Dennis.

It was MJ.  MJ lived in the trailer park where I rebuilt my fire damaged mobile home.  That summer, we had an affair, and I learned I was a father 10 years later.  We had both travelled over the years, and now MJ put Cayla on the phone.  Cayla was incredible!  During the next few weeks, I planned to travel to Saskatoon for Christmas.  Garth overheard, and I gave him the good news.  He reluctantly informed me that the neighbour to the north was complaining about the black panel van in the alley, and he said they talked about guns and murder.  I started spying on the black panel van with a USB Camera.  The Clan from Clavet was up to something with Jimmy?  How?  I knew the link between the DES junkies and the Clan from Clavet.  Becky and her brother BJ were informants, and they still had family on 20th street at Riversdale in Saskatoon?

Jimmy and Little Mike would have no access to the Vancouver Chapter of the Hells Angels, but the Clan from Clavet would have access to the Vancouver Chapter through the Saskatoon Rebels.  Clan from Clavet informants would be safe from the Saskatoon Rebels and the Vancouver Hells Angels by attacking with Jimmy and Little Mike.  I hoped they missed my call from the alley.  I was afraid the Little Whore from Clavet would attack Cayla.  Meanwhile, our neighbours wanted something done about the black panel van?  Something had to be done about the neighbour to the north complaining about hearing talk of guns and murder from inside the black van.  The next day Rohel responded to their complaints by writing a neighbourhood complaint to VPD Crime Stoppers.  The tip was for the black van hanging around the neighbourhood.

I typed, I printed, I addressed and proceded outside.  That dark night, I took the alley to flash the white envelope at the black panel van.  I walked up the Capitol Hill alley to Cambridge Street.  I turned left to the mailbox on Cambridge Street.  I deposited my crime stoppers letter.  The mailbox was vandalized later that night, with a big boom as it woke me as it fell over at 2:00 AM.  I decided to check the mailbox in the morning, and I continued to work on  I hoped this would eventually drive off Jimmy and the Clan from Clavet.  Instead, two events that would shape the future began simutaineously.  First, the cable TV Card in PC3 announced that Margaret Trudeau's son, Michel (Sasha) Trudeau, was killed in an avalanche on November 13, 1998.

Margaret Trudeau wasn't just anyone, and Sasha wasn't just anyone either, Sasha was a Trudeau.  This dead Sasha is Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau's son.  Sasha and his brother Justin Trudeau are mentored today by current Prime Minister Jean Chretien.  Chretien's right hand man International Inspector Ben Soave protects Sasha and Justin Trudeau.  Chretien and Soave ordered the beatings of protestors during APEC.  Now, Rohel realized that there would be trouble of the death of Sasha Trudeau.  Who is Sasha?  In 1998, Sasha is the dead bastard son of Margaret Trudeau, rather than a coupling of then Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau / Sinclair.  Sasha was conceived when DNA testing was not available for Pierre Trudeau, and now Sasha is dead and his body has disappeared, as the CBC military media announces few details to the public.

I laughed at Pierre Trudeau because he would never know, as they can't find dead Sasha.  Bastard Sasha was 23 years old and 8 months when he died. He was conceived between 1974 - 1978, when the righteous, nice, polite, cock rider Margaret Trudeau deserted Alexandre and his brother Justin Trudeau.  Margaret wasn't globe trotting with Pierre Trudeau at the time, because she was caught smuggling drugs in Pierre Trudeau's luggage on international flights.  Margaret was relagated to second cock rider for Pierre Trudeau by Barbara Streisand, when bastard Sasha was conceived.  The years between 1974 - 1978 show Margaret to be a pussy flashing bimbo on New York’s Madison Avenue.  In Studio 54, the average looking cock rider Margaret attracted attention by hitching up her skirt and expose herself to photographers and the Rolling Stones.

Margaret would go public with her affair with Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, and Sasha her bastard son died 9 months and 23 years, later.  Margaret Trudeau's son Sasha looks a lot like Ronnie Wood, when he was young.  Love was still in the air in 1977, when Keith Richards was busted for an ounce of heroin.  Ronnie and Margaret were partying with Keith during the court proceedings.  Margaret was still partying with Keith Richards in 1978, when cockold Pierre Trudeau's frisky little whore helped out during the trial, before Keith was convicted in October 1978..  Eventually, Richards was sentenced to a community service and required play a benefit concert for the blind .  I mused whether to call Ronnie or Pierre first, as I heard the news on November 13 1998, Justin Trudeau?

Margaret Trudeau Rolling Stones.
Will Sasha be the last dead Trudeau?  What will happen as the Americans learn the truth about the righteous, nice, polite Trudeau that kissing Melania? 

When elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accepts his mothers desertion and cock riding as mental illness for 4 - 5 cock riding years.  Margaret is also very quiet about her preditor 24 year old son Justin Trudeau cruising the halls at Point Grey Accademy High School.  Margaret passes off the Justin Trudeau affair with a school girl at Point Grey, as covered by a Non Disclosure Agreement.  Justin Trudeau's frisky cock rider Margaret Trudeau does not seem concerned about NDA agreements with school children.  What can we expect from a whore like Margaret Trudeau?  Rolling Stone magazine reports that this picture came from her cuckold husband Pierre Trudeau, who couldn't handle his frisky little whore!  When Pierre Trudeau is photographed looking at Justin and Magaret Trudeau coming out of the church, he has blood in his eyes.  The sexually challenged Pierre Trudeau just couldn't handle his frisky little whore, and her pictures from Studio 54.

The picture found its way onto a DOA album cover, and Pierre Trudeau may be dead now, but Chretien and Soave are not dead.  Pierre Trudeau dumped his frisky little whore then, and he took custody of the children, and he never paid 1 cent alimony to the Sinclair / Bernard family imperialists / colinists that spurned Margaret Trudeau via Singapore and the British.  Dead Sasha's mother Margaret Trudeau claims she's better after 1978, as the Sinclair / Bernard colonist raises Justin Trudeau to hang around the halls at West Point Grey Academy at 24 years of age.  Margaret Trudeau raised righteous, nice, polite, Alexander (Justin's brother) to defraud Canadians with WE Charity during the Covid 19 crisis in Canada.  Yes, Pierre Trudeau's frisky little whore claims she is better.  Margaret is better at stealing money with her son at WE charity as well.  Justin Trudeau would go on to marry Sasha's girlfriend Sophie Grégoire who apparently got over Sasha quickly.  Sophie the girlfriend and Margaret the mother would hide the whereabouts of Sasha, before he disappeared with Soave's friends in the Kelowna RCMP Detachment where Sasha's cause of death was covered up to spare now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of murder charges.

I was still cheering the death of Sasha Trudeau, and I was hoping for more fresh air, when an emergency broadcast with Karen Lawson of CBC Global interupted regular programming.  The VPD were asking for assistance in catching a home invader indentified as driving a late model Honda Civic with multi colored body parts.  The public was asked to assist in catching the car, as Karen Lawson explained that the elderly home owner had broken free and identified the car.  I knew exactly who was involved in the home invasion.  A little later that night, the second broadcast begins the 10 o'clock news, where the story is partially scrapped as Karen Lawson receives information while broadcasting, and she tells greater Vancouver that her last minute information is that the car has been located.  The home invaders have been caught.  I knew it would be the Clan from Clavet and their new informants Jimmy and Little Mike arrested in the Honda Civic with multi coloured body parts?  Silence.

The next morning, I made a real effort to get up and watch the morning news at 10 o'clock.  I was rewarded with the wrap up story for the home invasion on the CBC Global News.  I was expecting to hear their names.  Instead, the CBC Global Morning News maintained that the feeble, elderly, home invasion victim broke free to see the get away car leading to the first emergency broadcast.  The elderly man identified the car as a late model Honda Civic with multi coloured body parts leaving the scene of the crime.  In 1997, Rohel knew this was the same car Barb, Jimmy, and Rohel rode in earlier that spring.  Jimmy had visited their apartment on Muenster Street in New Westminster BC, and when Jimmy tried to extort money from them and infect them with Hep C, before calling the Nelson Heath district.  That night, the future Trudeau, Chretien, Soave informants were unaware they had been spotted!

They drove to the DES to buy heroine, before Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave knew who they were that night.  However, I was right about pedophile Joe, his sons, and his Becky with Jimmy.  They were arrested.  The Clan from Clavet passed on key information from Joe's Riversadale whores and children close to the Saskatoon Rebels.  What would happen soon for the VPD to hit the jack pot?  Why would Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave be so closely connected to Becky and Jimmy on the downtown east side!  How could Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave cover up so much now?

The informants and the entire DES Clan from Clavet needed insurance, as CBC Global called the VPD publicly.  Not only did the viewers see the CBC tell their story, but the DES and the Piccadilly Bar would earn rat money from Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave, soon.   The entire bar knew the vehicle?  The VPD, Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave informants were on shaky ground in 1998, and the elderly man on the follow up Morning News admitted that he agreed to a deal which the VPD, on the CBC Global morning news?  Shaky?  Yes.  Then, Attorney General Dosange in the BC Legislature would start lying to the American people, and he would never stop during Trudeau's Fentanyl assault on American.  The next morning, the elderly home owner confirms to the CBC on his porch that he approved a deal with the VPD.

Becky, Jimmy, and the Clan from Clavet had to hide.  When Rohel learned what the governments informants gave up, Rohel understood that the governments informants had the revenge of Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave behind them.  Drugs?

Rohel knew a small northern city called Saskatoon, and that small northern communites generally get thier drug supplies from the ocean or the South.  The Saskatoon Rebels would typically get their share of drugs from the west towards the ocean.  That computes to the Edmonton Hells Angels via the Yellowhead Run from Edmonton AB.  Joe's Clan from Clavet in Saskatoon were on the phone to Becky, BJ, and the Clan from Clavet on the DES in Vancouver.  Hmm, when the Clan from Clavet whores cuddle up to the Saskatoon Rebels, people talk.  Talk is poison with the Trudeau, Chretien, Soave informants.  Did the Clan from Clavet stage the home invasion to cover up their informant network?  Possibly!  No jail time.  No charges. 

Nothing?  Why did the home invaders park in front of the house to be identified?  Intentional?  The frail elderly man on the morning news that broke free would have lost a fight against a wet paper bag.  Not tied?  Was he part of the ruse?  He untied himself so quickly he saw the car leaving from in front of the house?  Unbelievable?  Was the frail elderly man tied up at all?  Possibly Not?  Did the gang wait to see him look to set up the police?  Who did they sell out?  Worst still, Rohel believed the Clan from Clavet had his crime stoppers note, which he waived carelessly.  Rohel couldn't help anyone involved, because he only knew Becky and Jimmy had the Crime Stoppers note with pedophile Joe's sons..  Rohel's not in the drug business,, so how could he know who to tell?

If Rohel knew anyone Jimmy and Becky were ratting out, he could have warned them.  Instead, Rohel knew something was afoot?  He paid attention to the news, because he knew someting was coming.  Less than a week later, the VPD seized 1.25 tons of heroine and cocaine.  There was no national or international investigation by Canadian, American, or International Joint Effort's by any country. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau takes time of cock riding school girls at his part time job, and he plans to kill whoever killed his brother Sasha, that night when he and Sasha were together in Coquitlam the night Sasha disappeared.  Hmm, Justin has PM Jean Chretien, and he looks strong for the next election.  Trudeau knows he can call on Chretien for revenge, and he starts ringing phones, after he disposes of the body before Soave sets the Kelowna RCMP straight.

Meanwhile, Justin is powered by cruelty and insanity inherited from his mother, and he to cock rides Sasha's girlfriend Sophie, who is lying about Sasha's whereabouts that fateful night.  In Novermber 1998, Justin doesn't know this drug deal, these new informants, and Chretiens black crew of RCMP were going with him to Paris France in June of 2000.  The Trudeau, Chretien, Soave informants would eventually include, the entire Clan from Clavet and their grown children, Jimmy and his family, Jeff, and Little Mike.  Trudeau's informants were all over the DES showing the note, and they set up Rohel with Trudeau.  Prove it!  Jimmy and Jeff were hits in the Burnaby Inn!  People wanted blood, and they had the note!  Trudeau's informant Hells Angels will lie, however the real Hells Angels know why they were out to kill Rohel.  In the fall of 1998, pedophile Joe and his sons were winning over the DES and the Vancouver Hells Angels.  At the same time the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province reported that two Hells Angels were arrested, without an undercover investigation? 

BC Attorney General Dosanjh become involved in 1998 with his agency and Crown Attorneys, Judges, and the Clark government Chief of Staff Dees, who becomes BC Health Minister, under Horgan with Justin when life expectancy in North America crashes.  Could Premier Horgan and Justin Trudeau cover up the Fentanyl murders in Canada, and hide the spill over dead from the Americans?  Dosang knows he needs to help Soave, Chretien, and Vancouver school girl rider Justine Trudeau with his RCMP.  Meanwhile, the VPD admitted they had nothing to arrest more people, and they were prood to get the drugs off the street.  They have transferred future investigations to the RCMP E Devision.  Soave and the RCMP are humilated publically in the news and by Chretien.  Chretien and Soave were reminded of their grandeaur by the news media, where these two french colonists and imperialists were going to attack the drug dealers.

Chretien and Soave were feeling the heat, and protoge Justin was thinking Sasha's drug abuse was their fault!

Rohel didn't know it yet, but the Clan from Clavet played the Montreal Mob, the Mexican Cartel, the South American Cartel, and the Hells Angels in one deal, because the deal was a three way trade.  At worst the Clan from Clavet could hang the biggest drug bust in Canadian history on a computer guy working on software on Ranelagh in Burnaby BC.  Rohel grabbed at straws, as they all came up short.  Rohel believed his reputation would carry him through, and he though he should let the Piccadilly Pub management know what the Queen Sized Bed was doing.  The Clan from Clavet kept Jimmy and Little Mike real close now.  The VPD, RCMP, Chretien, Soave, and Trudeau were now hooked to their informants through Attorney General Dosanjh and Chief of the Clark Government Staff Deas.

Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham agreed with RCMP Soave that the evidence was good, and the informants were rock solid.  RCMP Soave and Jean Chretien put it to Justin Trudeau that people will pay for Sasha's Drug problem.  RCMP Inspector Ben Soave joined Jamie Graham in pointing at Rohel to murder him in the DES to keep the evidence.  Chretien and Soave needed their military police to appear on Commercial Drive, where posters invited Vancouver to bring weapons to the Riot at the Hyatt.  , as Ben Soave, Jamie Graham and Jean Chretien dealth with protests with their military police.  Graham and Soave pointed at Rohel with their informants, as well.  They supported their informants in murdering Rohel.  Now, Sasha's dead so all Canadians can rejoice, and Justin Trudeau, his mentor Chretien, and international terrorist Soave can cock ride 8 countries.

The Crime Stoppers note was readily available on the DES, and Jean Chretien, Justin Trudeau, Ben Soave, and Jamie Graham helped distribute the note and cover up the note to murder Rohel, so they had informants to give up the drugs.  The Americans will kill the french colonist Chretien family eventually, and the humanity cripple, Jean Chretien can die for American justice.  Chretien's friend RCMP Inspector Ben Soave supports Chretien in every American death, with the Diplomatic Devision of the RCMP.  The Abottsford monster Calvin Godart would insure the Clan from Clavet would ride that Fentanyl right into the mountains and American.  Chretien and Soave did everything possible to kill the Americans that Justin Trudeau blamed for Sasha's death.  The Point Grey Academy pedophile elevated mentor Chretien and cousin Soave to murder the Americans.

What could we expect from a cock rider like Margerat Trudeau?  Personally, I cheered the death of Margerat Trudeau's bastard son,   Would the American people ever understand the bromance between Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama selling their sugar story after the CBC story on their visit that fall?

Now the train wreck and the dead identified by the CDO, WHO, and the United Nations,

C H A P T E R    G U I D E

Port of Vancouver Drug Bust

Port of Vancouver and the Vancouver Port Authority Fraser Port Authority

Rebels Motorcycle Club Saskatoon

Saskatoon Rebels, Dinosaur Valley, Fort WhoopUp, Daytona Special, and the Little Whore from Clavet

Clan from Clavet and Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck

Statutory Rape, Incest, Getting to Know the Clan from Clavet.  Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck accuses Senator Lynn Beyak over Residential Schools.

Terry Fox & Hope, Tisdale Shoot Out, Kelsey Trail, Mincome, Battle of Hudson Bay

Terry Fox, Amazon Rain Forest, Operation Eagle Claw, Serological Testing, Human Leukocyte Antigen HLA, St. Brieux Church, Dube Garage, St. Brieux Bar, Fort York, Battle of Hudson Bay, Henry Kelsey Trail, Saskatchewan Provincial Police, Tisdale Shoot Out, Kelsey Trail Robbers

Clan from Clavet Idylwyld Drive window on Rebels snitch the Festival City drug run from Edmonton via Yellowhead Highway to the SPD

Saskatoon Police Department & their informant The Little Whore from Clavet surveillance the Saskatoon Rebels MC on Idylwyld Drive North beside the Saskatchewan Liquor Board Store from their window seat.  The Festival City run from the Yellowhead Highway is an undercover operation.

Truth and Reconciliation, Residential Schools, Katimavik, Clavet SK, Statutory Rape, Police Chiefs Magazine

Clan from Clavet undercover informants snitch to Police Department contrary to Police Ethical Issues Confidential Narcotic Operations

Superior Auto Body

Saskatoon Police Chief gives Immunity for Informants and Accomplices

Young Pioneers and Little Black Bear Band SK

Young Pioneers and Little Black Bear Band

Forest and ice people killing Bison causing a Genocide?

Genocide by the Forest and Ice People in the land of forest and ice?

Northern Ontario Logging, Fur Trade, Lumber, Pulp and Paper, Kings Highway

Northern Ontario logging, Fur Trade, Lumber Pulp and Paper, and the Kings Highway

Je me souviens Hull QC Nepean ON Ottawa ON Ben Johnson Ratting Raping Clan from Clavet

Je me souviens ’I remember" Hull QC Nepean ON and Ottawa ON when Ben Johnson crushed our party and the Ratting Raping Clan from Clavet came to Ontario

Hagersville, Toronto Indy Car Series, and Ottawa University Lowertown East

Hagersville, The Midnight Special, Toronto Indy Car Series, Algonquin College, University of Ottawa and Ottawa Lowertown East

US Customs and Border Protection, Sault Ste-Marie International Bridge, OPP, Black Powder

US Customs and Border Protection, Sault Ste-Marie International Bridge, Ontario Provincial Police, Black Powder, Sulphur, Charcoal, Potassium Nitrate

Business of War Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, H.W. Bush G.W. Bush Vietnam War Lloyd Robertson CBC News

Business of War in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait War, H.W.Bush G.W.Bush Ronald Reagan Shah of Iran Saddam Hussein Vietnam War Lloyd Robertson CBC News Canada Credit Suisse Global

Genocide Indigenous Peoples, United Nations, Dodson MT, Shaunavon SK, The Old Bone Trail, Sitting Bull, Sioux Warriors, Dumas Brothel

Genocide Indigenous Peoples Aboriginal Indian Canadian Genocide United Nations Dodson MT Montana Shaunavon SK Saskatchewan The Old Bone Trail Sitting Bull Sioux Warriors Dumas Brothel

Who Killed The Plains Bison, Sitting Bull, Japanese Internment Canada, CPR, STC, Saskatchewan Transportation Company, SaskTel SaskPower Isenberg Krech III

Who Killed The Plains Bison, Sitting Bull Hunkpapa Sioux Teton Chief, Japanese Internment Canada, The Old Bones Trail, CPR STC Sask Tel Sask Power Isenberg Krech III

The Assembly of First Nations National Chief, AFN, Aboriginal Environmentalism, North-West Rebellion, Lois Riel, Métis, North West Mounted Police, John A Macdonald, NWMP

The Lachine Massacre, The Port-la-Joye Massacre, The Grand Pre Massacre, The Bloody Falls Massacre, The Frog Lake Massacre, The Cypress Hills Massacre, King George’s War, King William’s War, Assiniboine, Chilcotin War

Shoot out at Joe’s Cafe at Bellevue AB, Miner Death by 1%er Black Lung, Claresholm AB, Buffalo Trail Highway 41 AB, Burmis Tree, Leitch Collieries, Coal, Railroads and Steam Engines, Crowsnest Pass

Pine Tree Line, Franks Slide, David Thomson, Galen Weston, Geo. Arkoff, Ausby Auloff and Tom Bassoff, Drumheller Valley, RCMP, Head Smashed in Buffalo jump, Thomas Savery, steam engines, trans canada, Capital Power, Enmax, Altagas, Coal Fired Electricity, Sundance ATCO power Sheerness power plant, transalta A and B Sundance, Coal Fired Electricity

Wild Horse Creek River Gold Rush, World War Internment Camp, Fernie Alpine Resort , Charles R. Hosmer, Auschwits Germandy, Kananaskis Range

Elk Creek, Coal Creek, Lizard Creek, Fairy Creek, Crowsnest Pass, Coal Company, Claresholm AB, Fort Whoop Up, Economic Refugees, Holocaust, Gold Rush, Ossoyous BC, primates, Pope Francis

Downtown eastside Vancouver, Jimmy, Slocan Valley & legendary Train Robber Billy Miner in Nelson BC.  Alder Inn Hotel Aldergrove, Langley Hospital, Piccadilly Pub on Pender Street, Vancouver Provincial Court

Drugs, poverty, male and female whores, mental illness & de institutionalization, homelessness, & crime at the Vancouver downtown eastside aka DTES.  The Slocan Valley & Legendary Train Robber Billy Miner in Nelson BC.  Alder Inn Hotel Aldergrove, Kinghaven Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre, Langley Hospital, Piccadilly Pub Vancouver, Vancouver Provincial Court

Rohel at the Gastown Hotel & Piccadilly Pub watches informant Jimmy set up the Vancouver Hells Angels.  Mitchell and NAGS auto glass software.

North Vancouver Air and Royal Car & Truck Rental in New Westminster.  Servers for Windows and Zeppelin Software Solutions.  David Thompson, NAGS, SFU Vancouver Campus.

Guns, murder, contract killing by lethal injection, the Black Van, New Westminster Medical Clinic, Auto glass insurance claims, New Westminster Public Health Unit, BC Biomedical Laboratories, Nelson Regional Health.

Vancouver Crime Stoppers, Canada Post Mailbox, Lethal injection with Hepatitis C, Jimmy works for the Clan from Clavet

Vancouver Crime Stoppers, Canada Post Mailbox, & Canadian Crown Corporations, the Russian Ruble, Rohel travels to Phoenix Sky Harbour International Roadhouse 66 Bar and the Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa, and Sylvester Stallone, the business of war, President Donald Trump sexual assault, Cuban Missile Crisis, bombing civilians for wages in Cambodia, Laos, and North Vietnam, North Vietnam defeats America, North Korea defeats America, RCMP Abbotsford, America lost the Business of War, Saskatchewan Roughriders, St. Brieux Credit Union

Pacific Central Station, Reserves, and the VIA Canadian Train in Vancouver.  Sask Tel bells rang with MJ and Rohel Paternity Testing.  Clan from Clavet lies about Vancouver Crime Stoppers to the Vancouver Hells Angels, as the Canada Train cuts the land of forest and ice to Saskatoon Toon Town.

Pacific Central Station, Reserves, and the VIA Canadian Train in Vancouver.  Sask Tel bells, MJ and Rohel Paternity Testing, Vancouver Hells Angels trusted the Clan from Clavet, Vancouver Crime Stoppers, Canada Train cuts the land of forest and ice to Toon Town.

Gang land Jimmy the Junkie and his gang in home invasion ratted out the Saskatoon Rebels MC Club as they patched over to become Saskatoon Hells Angels as VIA Rail Station Chappel Dr Toon Town

Saskatoon Hells Angels watch the VIA Rail Station on Chappel Dr Saskatoon as Gang Members miss the emergency broadcast with Jimmy the Junkie and Karen Lawson on the CBC with the Honda Civic.  The Russian Rubit Chop Ruble tselkovyi connection.

Sawed-off-12-gauge-Shotguns, The Note at the Lamplighter Pub, and the Saskatoon Rebels MC patch over to the Saskatoon Hells Angels MC as the Montreal Mob, the Mexican Cartel, and the South American Cartel take the heat in the train wreck following the Port of Vancouver container, backward!

Rohel gets a Sawed Off 12 Gauge Shotgun as the Vancouver Police Department covers up their dirty evidence with the Clan from Clavet and Jimmy the Junkie during the Greyhound trip to Toronto.  The VPD hides the home invasion and ‘The Note’ from the RCMP going international with the train wreck.

Pigeon Park Heroin & Cocaine from Montreal Mob, Edmonton Hells Angels MC, Mexican Cartel, South American Cartel, BJ with the Thurifer the smell of death sets up Rohel for the Port of Vancouver.  Britannia Policing Station, St. Paul’s Hospital, Certified Insane. 

The Vancouver Police Department lies in Court to keep the evidence from the Port of Vancouver.  The VPD knowingly and willingly aid and abet The Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie in the attempted murder of Rohel.  Then the VPD lie goes international, as the RCMP trace the evidence backwards from the Port of Vancouver with OMERTA.  Suddenly, The Montreal Mob, The Hells Angels, The Mexican Cartel, and the South American Cartel are told Rohel is to blame for the Port of Vancouver.

The Genocide Clock ticks for the children Justine Trudeau murdered with his 'no receipt' deal with AFN Chiefs, immediately after he was elected.  Water towers, wells, pumps, and pipe never appeared with clean water, as Trudeau knew he could kill the children.

The Genocide masters stole the cash, as Justine Trudeau murdered infants, children, and adults with his 'no receipt' plan.  Trudeau and the Chiefs play the blame game today, while Trudeau kills infants on reserves today.  It is odd that Infanticide does not reign in the rest of the land of forest and ice, while Trudeau and the Chiefs are pocketing the cash.

You could be the ‘Punisher’ cashing in on the book, ‘The Little Whore from Clavet’.  ‘Punisher’s earn ‘Finders Fees’ for a one of a kind ‘DNA’ test.  The DNA test uses the ‘power’ of revenge and hate for profit.  The ‘Low Risk’, ’High Return’ DNA follows the revenge and hate powered ‘Distributed Up Network’.  You can live a better life!

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The unfinished book, ‘The Little Whore from Clavet’ contains the background and information for your share of the 250 Million!

Vancouver Police Department VPD tries to murder Rohel to keep evidence for Omerta international investigation.
Nearly half of Vancouver Citizens fear they would be treated unfairly if investigated by the Vancouver Police Department
Poll by Mainstreet Research for BC Law Enforcement Diversity Network Conference

New Poll cited by Jeremy Lie and CKNW.COM finds only 52 percent of respondents trust the Vancouver Police Department.  I’ve personally witnessed the Police doing a lot of things to protect crimes by other officers.  It’s not uncommon to have police selling underage girls for information, money, and anything else to make build a career.  VPD couldn’t care less how old your daughter was when they sell her on the street.  This is not new.  Rather, this is POLICY for many officers in the Vancouver Police Department.  Dozens of Vancouver Police Department Officers will do whatever it takes to ‘get ahead’.  Rohel walked into the Vancouver Police Department and signed a statement on how the VPD needed to ‘give up’ their illegal evidence or they were going to kill mislead people or himself.  The VPD couldn’t care less who they killed.  They couldn’t care less how old any of your daughters are either, if you think you are special.

That may go some way to explain why a new Main street poll shows 6 in 10 Vancouver people want the VPD to wear body cameras?  You see 60 percent do not believe they will be treated fairly.  If the Vancouver Police Department were trusted to you think the citizens which pay their wages would want cameras?  The Vancouver Police Department did everything possible to kill Rohel, do you think your going to get a lot better?  ‘The survey also found people in Vancouver were largely supportive of body cameras.  Fifty-six per cent of respondents supported the high-tech surveillance option."

Vancouver Police Department aka VPD ratings based on citizen surveys after the VPD tried to murder Dennis Rohel

Ratings Approval Rating of Police Services.  Unbelievably, the VPD actually did better than other Canadian cities with 55 percent of people in Saskatoon and just 39 percent of people in Calgary believing they would not get screwed over the their police departments.

The poll was commissioned for a presentation at the BC Law Enforcement Diversity Network Conference last week, which was told police leaders need to make a concerted effort if they are to regain the trust of the public.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

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Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

Tisdale Shoot Out    The Punisher     Home    The Talker     Clan from Clavet        

Justin Trudeau fentanyl and no receipt genocide in Canada

Historical Context Lawless RCMP

Infanticide to buggery in 1998, Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Justin Trudeau, and International Inspector RCMP Ben Soave were aware off and knew that the 'Lawless RCMP' were involved in involved in international terrorism and child sex trafficking, between 1998 - 2002.  Jean Chretien actually created a charity with taxpayer dollars called the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation (2001).  Justin Trudeau would lie about his financial contributions privately and publicly.

This was a front to hide the Lawless RCMP between 1998 - 2002 in 8 countries and 18 cities in the book.  The Chretien, Trudeau, Soave atrocities included Justin Trudeau's pal Peter Dalglish.  Chretien, Trudeau, and Soave would hide Dalglish from prosecution for his buggering ways.  Hiding Dalglish was better than being found out themselves.  Chretien, Trudeau, and Soave could have saved countless children from being buggered.  Hide.

Colin Perkel of the Government owned Canadian Press finally announces the buggering by Peter Dalglish was stopped in Nepal.  Peter Dalglish was jailed 9 years in Nepal for his buggering ways with children.  The two jail terms for 9 years and 7 years are to be served concurrently.  Peter Dalglish was arrested on April 8th, during a raid in the early hours at his mountain home in the village of Kartike, east of the capital of Katmandu.  He was caught red handed buggering two Nepalese boys aged 11 and 14, at the time, according to Pushkar Karki, chief of the Central Investigation Bureau.  Dalglish lured his victims in with promises of education, jobs and trips.

“There have been some instances where they were found working with charities" like the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation (2001).  Chretien, Trudeau, and Soave hid Dalglish's history, but the 'Lawless RCMP' were caught by a Interpol “red flag”.  Chretien, Trudeau, Soave, and the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundations were at the centre of damning testimony.

Dalglish, who co-founded a Canadian charity called Street Kids International in the late 1980s.  Dalglish also buggered away for years doing humanitarian work in Nepal.  Dalglish buggered away years for the UN Habitat in Afghanistan.  Dalglish buggered away for years at the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response in Liberia.  For all this buggering, Dalglish was named a member of the Order of Canada in late 2016.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a proud pedophile pal in the picture below!

Pedophile Pals Prime Minister Justine Trudeau and Peter Dalglish
Pedophile Pals Justine Trudeau and Peter Dalglish
Pedophile Pals Prime Minister Justine Trudeau and Peter Dalglish

Genocide in Canada link to Justin Trudeau found hate and revenge on Nov 1998, when his brother Michel Trudeau died at 23 years of age.  Trudeau believed his brother was murdered. His mentor Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his Cousin International RCMP Inspector Ben Soave arrived in Vancouver BC  The Politician and RCMP are two clowns humiliated by a big unexpected drugs in the Port of Vancouver. has plenty of history In 2013, Trudeau was elected Opposition leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.  Trudeau is delusional in believing that "Violent subgroups that happen around”? Really?

In 2015, Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada  He had power to kill.  Trudeau used the 1998 lawless crimes with Chretien and Soave to blackmail the worst of the international RCMP for another round of terrorism.  RCMP joined or they hung in the World Court for crimes in 7 countries including the America.  Trudeau immediately changed Canadian Law and Financial Accountability Laws for AFN Chiefs.  They began steeling immediately, and Trudeau knew they would steal billions.

Trudeau had both of his accomplices trapped  The National Post "found bureaucrats worried about administering the billions given every year to First Nations" in the wake of the enforcement change.  Trudeau had the same lawless terrorists as Chretien and Soave.  Canada historically had 655 deaths over 5 years from 2009 - 2014.  The World Court needs to understand that CANADA averaged 131 DEATHS on average before Justine Trudeau went insane murdering Canadians with the RCMP and the Assembly of First Nations.

Powered by hate and revenge, Trudeau and AFN Chiefs spread their suicides, despair, poverty, and they increased the national murder rate by Fentanyl by 20 times. Powered hate and revenge Justin Trudeau brings in tons of Fentanyl and Car Fentanyl from 2015 - 2019.

American Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft and the American Media are not informed.  The Puppet CBC News CEO Catherine Tait obstructs international justice for Trudeau, instead.  The drugs and international crimes by the RCMP and Trudeau leading to 30000 Canadian deaths, and Trudeau insisted on punishing Donald Trump with deaths in Idaho and Washington State.

Trudeau forced the RCMP working in China to drop ship to Canada, and the RCMP re-distributed each pail 'chemically marked' nationally.  In Trudeau's mind he cut down the"Violent subgroups that happen around”

Genocide in Canada Facts

1.  The United Nations disputes no facts in this progression to a genocide in Canada.  That genocide is actually the genocide of the poor and disadvantaged across Canada.  The genocide is aimed at the downtrodden and pain sufferers.  The genocide has murdered 30,000 Canadians to date, and the genocide with be over 30,000 before Justine Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould can be removed from power.

2.  I have emailed Ralph Goodale who forwarded my information to Jody Wilson-Raybould 10 months ago.  I recently sent emails to both Justine Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Both emails are well prior to the SNC-Lavalin allegations, and the Minister of Justice was asked why she was not investing these murders.  I accused both of their part in the genocide, and I explained why they are the principle players in over 30000 dead.

3.  Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justine Trudeau ignored another round of emails detailing their part in murdering the homeless in shantytowns, barrios, and ghettos across Canada.  The United Nations has the numbers showing every country on planet earth.  I accuse Justine Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould of genocide and their part in covering up their genocide.  I suggested Canada might best be served justice in the World Court.  This email was delivered 8 hours before Jody Wilson-Raybould quit, unexpectedly.

4.  Here's what your already thinking, "Yeah, but really do you have enough evidence to push harder".  Both Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould do not reply, and I get more research finished.  Did you know China is capable of distributing these deadly products to every country on earth with very few problems.  I say what? According to the United Nations every zoo on earth has these drugs.  Every wildlife refuge has these pills in their medical shacks.  China exports billions of doses for animals in every country on planet earth each year.  Interesting?

5.  Each year billions of doses benefit whales, elephants, sharks, giraffe, elephant seal, polar bear, brown bear, saltwater crocodile, rhinos, and bison.  Each country where these animals exist do not even have problems with the wildlife staff eating these pills.  Canada is currently the only country on earth using these drugs to systematically murder of an identifiable segment of the population targeted by Trudeau.  That is the definition of a Genocide.

6.  I know Jody Wilson-Raybould quit because she believes my research.  I believe she quit because she believes I am correct. Wilson-Raybould wants no part of killing of her tribe and her people, who are taking the brunt of Trudeau's genocide.

7.  I explained to Jody Wilson-Raybould that every other country was doing perfectly.  The UN doesn't have a problem with the distribution of medicine in any other country but Canada.  China's distribution 'reflects a strong commitment to get the medicine into the right hands globally'.  The United Nations is also aware Canada had 'very few bumps' during the election, where the poor were killed on the streets.  The UN is aware that after Justine Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould are elected the death rate skyrockets.

8.  David Akin of the National Post writes a story about Trudeau giving away all the money without receipts.  Trudeau in fact gutted all financial accountability to every Chief in Canada.  This is very important for Trudeau to target his killings, because the Chiefs themselves took money without receipts for no meaningful work.  The death rates skyrocketed faster from the election date and faster as each Chief got their money for anything they chose to do with it.  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau's removed all financial accountability.  Justine Trudeau did this for a very specific personal reason to maximize his targeting and kills.

9.  Canada's genocide extends to the homeless, disadvantaged, poor, and downtrodden.  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau refuses to stop his targeted Genocide.

10.  That's not going to be enough for the World Court, right.  Well Wilson-Raybould kept reading about Canada being the only worst planet on earth.  She realized that no one else has a problem remotely like Canada.  That's when I ask her this questions, 'Why are all the drug dealers living and working in Canada'.  What's the problem with 6.99 billion drug dealers on the rest of the planet.  R they on strike? You cannot answer that question either.

11.  Canadian drug dealers are the only good drug dealers doing a ton of business on planet earth.  6.99 billion drug dealers are losers with no business.  Do you really believe that's Possible National Post! NOT POSSIBLE.  HMMM

12.  The Genocide is pointed at the bottom classes? Yes.  Every single AFN Chief sold their tribe in the money for nothing entrapment by Trudeau.  The money's gone and desperation is steadily on the rise.  That was an intentional move by Justine Trudeau to murder on the reserves.  Why can CHINA distributes animal pills globally to every country on earth.  Did you know there are millions of doses out there for the animals.  Why does Trudeau feed Canadian these particular animal pills.  The out of control theft by Chiefs, increases death rates year over year with desperation and poverty on reserves.

13.  Bomb? The drugs are not being distributed by drug dealers.  Wrong.  That's stupid.  Every drug dealer on earth can break into the zoo, and he or she can kill people! Chiefs were the first to go with Trudeau.  It is not the drug dealers distributing death.  Our drug dealers just are not that good.  Furthermore, China is doing a hell of a job keeping things going properly in every country.  The drug dealers are not that stupid in all these countries.  Genocide Canada.  China is shipping to 5 continents, and Trudeau is lawless.  Hmmm

14.  The drugs are shipped globally from China.  Right.  Why are all drugs shipped to Canada from one factory and stopped in Customs.  Easy.  China puts the origin on transportation documents to eliminate abuse by other than medical use.  Hmmm.  However, Justine Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould have an unlimited supply.  How? How could they have an unlimited supply? There is nothing here either the UN or the World Court will dispute.

15.  The RCMP are able to import these drugs.  The RCMP are also able to distribute these drugs across Canada as the problem spreads quickly, after the election.  I believe that's why Jody Wilson-Raybould made her hasty exit, as she knows this is true when I sent the email 8 hours before she quit.  Now, I can prove the RCMP are distributing on the orders of Justine Trudeau.

16.  Trudeau went insane a couple of months ago, as he was made a fool by Donald Trump.  Washington State and Idaho State were hit with a number of drug deaths.  The blood samples show the RCMP distribution is the same as the American distribution.  Coincidence? No.  The exchange of information with the American Embassy did not consider that to be a coincidence.

17.  DARKNESS, Justine Trudeau's mother Margaret Trudeau was insane and she remains insane with modern medications.  She showed her vagina while whore mongering with the rolling stones, sort of insanity.  She had many insane spells, since.  I lived in Vancouver in 1998, and I read the daily news as Michel Trudeau was killed.
a) Justine Trudeau went insane as he threatened to kill the people responsible.
b) Justin Trudeau tried a legal challenge to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as he cited evidence that his brother, Michel, was the target of two murder attempts in 1998.
c) "Justin Trudeau (shown in photo on left) is expected to lead a robust challenge to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a result of emerging evidence that his brother, Michel, (shown in photo on right) was the target of two murder attempts in 1998 as part of a blackmail strategy carried out against his father, Pierre Trudeau, by insiders linked to the Water War Crimes.
d) By some miracle, Michel survived the first attempt on his life that took place when the truck he was driving was hit broadside and rolled over several times near Portage La Prairie, in July 1998.
e) However, Michel did not survive the second attempt on his life when he was killed by an avalanche on Friday the 13th in November, 1998, that looked suspiciously like it was engineered.

18.  We all know what happens when Justine Trudeau got the power to kill off then dirty people on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  China can prove Justine Trudeau started pumping the drugs into the RCMP as soon as he was elected with Wilson-Raybould 3.5 years ago.  Jody and Justine have killed 30000 with the RCMP.  Every AFN Chief knows they are helping Justine Trudeau kill their dirty, desperate, poor tribes.  Justine Trudeau and the AFN Chiefs are murderers.

19.  China will be able to prove Justine Trudeau and the RCMP killed the Americans in Washington and Idaho by verifying the delivery of the particular batch involved.  Batches are routinely tagged and dated with written and chemical markers in the drug itself.  China is shipping the drugs to the RCMP.  The Chiefs fuel demand with theft, desperation, and poverty.
a. The RCMP refuse to investigate every fallen dead.
b. The RCMP refuse to question people that are revived with Naloxone hydrochloride (Naloxone).
30000 times the RCMP obstructed justice during this genocide.  They would not catch themselves distributing nationally.

20.  That's why Wilson-Raybould ran unexpectedly away from Trudeau.  She's running from a rope at the World Court.  Justine Trudeau is insane to believe she would continue with him.  Trudeau continues and the death toll will rise.  The LAWLESS core involved in bestiality, murders, child abuse, and rapes are detailed in my book.  The LAWLESS core doesn't have the leverage to stop Trudeau.  Trudeau's control extends back to 1998, when he met the LAWLESS core.

21.  The insane Trudeau wins the vote.  Trudeau leverages every LAWLESS dirty cop he met from 1998 - 2002.  Justine Trudeau works with these police such as Fraser MacRae in 1998 and in again in 2019 during recent events.  Fraser MacRae tries to save his neck, as he runs obstruction for Trudeau telling the Civic Election in Surrey they must keep the murdering RCMP in Surrey BC.  MacRae knows he cannot allow his files to be turned over to a new Municipal Police Force.  Trudeau had picks his RCMP in the Surrey Detachment.  MacRae needs the Surrey RCMP or he's finished.  Soave's dirty lawless lawmen, Chretien's dirty lawless lawmen all back together in 2016 - 2019, as they kill 30000 dirty people with an insane Trudeau who believes 'dirty people' killed his brother.

22.  My unfinished book examines RCMP Inspector Ben Soave, Prime MInister Jean Chretien, and Prime Minister Justine Trudeau as they went on an international 'LAWLESS' spree considered terrorism by the United Nations.  Trudeau lost his mind on the news of his brother.  He went insane, as his mother goes insane on delusions.  My web site is focused on his involvement in 1998-2000 murders and international terrorism.  The Chretien and Trudeau informants pointed at me, Dennis Rohel.  They tried to murder me with their informants on the downtown east side, and there are hundreds of witnesses to Trudeau's progression to genocide from 1998 on the downtown east side.

23.  China deserves international respect from Canadians and the World.  China has shipping documents to prove Trudeau's murders in the United States with chemical tagging.  Justine Trudeau is an insane animals that needs to be stopped.  Today, Trudeau has his 1998 LAWLESS Crew shipping from China.  He has his LAWLESS crew receiving and distributing across Canada.  The AFN Chiefs isolate and target their tribe with theft, desperation, and poverty.  The AFN Chiefs belong in jail for the safe of their tribe.  Feb 14 2019, RCMP refuse to investigate every fallen dead, and RCMP refuse to question people they revive with Naloxone.  30000 murders by the RCMP and Trudeau.  Don't catch the RCMP distributor! Canadian Customs is doing wonderfully stopping silly Canadians ordering from ONE FACTORY in China.  One shipper? Easy says Canadian Customs.  The RCMP distribute for Trudeau, and 30000 produces negligible drug busts for the last 3 1/2 years.  AFN kill their tribes and steal off the top.  30000 died since the election.  No real arrests.  Dead all over and no one is arrested.  Duh.

Today, the insane Justine Trudeau is selling Canadian Citizenships online to the rich.  Jody bailed because she sees the World Court Rope.

Dennis Rohel
185 Kinney Ave, Unit 402
Penticton British Columbia
Canada V2A 0C5
Phone 778-646-2003

Honourable David Eby Attorney General PO Box 9044 Stn Prov Govt Victoria, BC V8W 9E2

Dennis Rohel 185 Kinney Ave. Unit 402 Penticton BC V2A0C5

Dear David Eby

I watched you on television.  I know you recently became Attorney General from your bio.  I'm sending this email for one dirty Attorney General ed.[Ujjal Dev Singh Dosanjh Attorney General and Premier of British Columbia] and 5 dirty Crown Attorneys ed.[BC, Quebec, Ottawa included.  Some of the Crown Attorneys are in your employ today.  Actually, they kill civilians. You work with murderers David Eby.

You lied about doing the right thing in these situations in the media.  You are a liar.  The video aired on British Columbia television is obstruction and a lie.  You lie about protecting civilians.  You still have senior staff who tried to murder me, Mr. David Eby.  I am angry.  You lied to the media, and you office has refused to throw these criminals in jail from 20 years ago.  Your obstruction file begins, here.  We also believe you knowingly and wilfully lied in the video.

It has taken 20 years to gradually reconcile with the South American Cartel, the Mexican Cartel, the East Coast Mob, and the Hells Angels.  I was a civilian.  I remain a civilian.  I'm the town drunks son on the web site.  You set me up.  The Attorney General did everything possible to kill me in Paris France with 5 attorneys, the RCMP, and your informants.  There are about 50 witnesses.  The French government has their Charles de Gaulle Airport surveillance just prior to 911.

Your flagrant lies have encouraged me to distributed your video to all your victims.  The list of victims above and witnesses are also familiar with the web site at the end of this email.  I am sickened by your callous disregard for all the victims.  You protect murderers, and you kill civilians.  Our big break is that your disgusting lies have stoked a big fire on the 20th anniversary of the Port of Vancouver Drug Bust.  You caught yourself in a public lie, as you lord over murderers.  You are now responsible to the victims.  They know you.

I did nothing to hurt you.  You hurt and insult me with such lies. I encourage the truth on the web site.  However, I am not the only person that is overheated.  You did this to yourself and your family.  It's your turn to look over your shoulder for the next 20 years.  I barely survived.  Everybody knows they can hunt you and your family now.  You could try and duck under all of this, however your continued disregard for international law may eventually lead to international obstruction charges.

All the victims have had access to my web site) for many years. You put yourself in this fire.  Victims on both sides of the law know exactly where to find their media darling.  We are angry. After all, you protecting the sick animals that poisoned my daughters dog.

Your VPD and RCMP laughed with your informants on the downtown east side, as you are publicly murdering Dennis Rohel.  The victims see a sick arrogant animal on television.  I encourage all readers to look at the big picture.  However, it could just be a matter of time before someone decides to gut out your family.  I can't honestly say I disagree Attorney General.  You are the bad guy.  We are the good guys.

The web site address is

Cordially Dennis Rohel

Dear Surrey RCMP Assistant Commissioner Fraser MacRae

Re:      CRIMES: Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Little, and The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould and their families they sold.

To:       Surrey RCMP Assistant Commissioner Fraser MacRae

From:  Dennis Rohel 185 Kinney Ave Penticton BC V2A 0C5

I do not believe criminals in Ottawa are going to make much of a difference here Fraser MacRae.  I am probably wasting my time, however it does work to our advantage at to keep everyone publicly informed.  This is a draft copy.  If you reply, I will provide you with a FINAL DRAFT.  Do you agree?

International Child Abuse, Canadian Press Propaganda Goodale, Murder, Factual, Gruesome.

I, Dennis Rohel sent an email entitled 'Minister of Justice was informed of her obstruction of the Judiciary' to the Honourable Ralph Goodale as the Minister of Public Safety on February 15 2018 at 2:09 PM.  Goodale replied back that he had forwarded my email internally to the then Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Since Feb 15 2018, Wilson-Raybould worked with Trudeau, Little and Goodale to stop any investigations into the RCMP at the Surrey RCMP Detachment.  Why?  We demanded Wilson-Raybould open an investigation into the murder attempt on Dennis Rohel.  Instead, Goodale started his 'con game' in the Canadian Press.  The puppet Canadian Press follow Goodale claiming he publicly is working on RULES AND LAWS FOR RCMP.  Privately, Goodale refuses to consider a review for the victims on  Goodale doesn't care who he sacrifices, because Goodale is just to dirty to have an open discord with the media on the RCMP.  Goodale knows he can hide, and he knows Rohel is likely to be killed by his actions and the victims generated by Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould.  Right Goodale. is an educational site which provides victims the opportunity to pursue Goodale for revenge.  In effect, Goodale innocent victims can decide what is the best compensation for his crimes against them.  Yes, Goodale is dirty on both sides, and he gambles that Trudeau, Chretien, Soave, Little, and Wilson-Raybould kill Dennis Rohel.  That's what 'dirty on both sides' does when a criminal like Ralph Goodale in the squeeze.

I encourage Goodale to stand up, and Goodale chose to gamble with his family.  He already knows how he sold out Rohel's family.  Goodale knows he killed my daughters dog.  Goodale on the other hand, does not want that for his family.  Instead, Goodale helps the RCMP not investigate the criminals at the Surrey RCMP Detachment or the Federal RCMP Management (E Division) detailed on  The RCMP gained international acclaim and attention, when they cased out Rohel's condo in Surrey.  These are picture of when the The Surrey RCMP Detachment broke into my condo in Surrey BC.  I used this opportunity to promote Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould to 8 countries which they illegally occupied.  The early history gives these countries and police the opportunity to see international obstruction by the Canadian Government.  Goodale hides international murders from these Governments, and he hides the stolen money and crimes which invading these sovereign countries.  Wilson-Raybould from the Ministry of Justice still aided and abetted Goodale and she protected the Surrey RCMP with Goodale.  She refuses to investigate the Surrey RCMP Detachment or the Federal RCMP, as decision to engage in international obstruction.  The Federal RCMP also obstructs international law and an international review.  The RCMP need international obstruction or they go to jail in the Dennis Rohel murder.  Wilson-Raybould was steadfast in supporting murder, and the attempted murder of Dennis Rohel for the last year, while she obstructed justice.  That's just the way the Wilson-Raybould is 'dirty on both sides' when it comes to Dennis Rohel.  Wilson-Raybould acts in a premeditated fashion to blame Rohel for the mistakes she made with these criminals as Minister of Justice last year.  Today, Wilson-Raybould doesn't want to pay for her crimes.  Instead, Wilson-Raybould hides behind her family, and she's just to dirty to stand up for the truth.  Meanwhile, Wilson-Raybould engages in international obstruction on 8 countries and 8 counts of attempted murder to save herself.  Murder Rohel, steal funding, and hide Trudeau's dark past in 1998 - 2000 on the downtown east side of Vancouver?

Dwayne MacDonald was hand picked to take over the Surrey RCMP Detachment.  MacDonald joined the force with Chretien, Soave, and Trudeau while all three were guilty of 'Lawless' crimes and international terrorism plan.  He was typical of what went through Europe, South America, and North America with the illegal evidence from Chretien, Soave, Trudeau, and their informants Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie on the downtown east side.  I believe I have a more detailed history of Dwayne MacDonald from the RCMP Quarterly Reports.  However, Dwayne MacDonald's resume and picture would lead me to believe he is well picked by these international criminals to try to keep the criminal organization known as the Surrey RCMP Detachment for distributing their files in a takeover.  Quiet was going to keep Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave out of jail with MacDonald.  I believe I have pictures of MacDonald working in Toronto at a time when he could be central to illegally arresting everyone named on  McDonald cannot have a bio which is that sweet while working in TF1 or TF2, where TF1 and TF2 RCMP routinely invade and break laws in 8 countries.  It was quite a few years back, but I do believe I have a picture of MacDonald with a machine gun issued automatic weapon from the RCMP on Toronto streets.  Now, Goodale, Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould all hide and support the TF1 and TF2 in international murders with Federal RCMP.  The 4 political murderers are hiding behind the RCMP.  8 countries and national police forces will see the RCMP running international obstruction, while Trudeau and Goodale pretend the murdering police and informants from the downtown ease side are not f&$e f$&$%&g children in Europe with Trudeau's illegal evidence.  Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould are swept up ion the lie with Ralph Goodale.  Goodale says he's making 'RULES FOR THE RCMP'.  Goodale is a criminal lying to the Canadian Press and the Canadian Press plays puppeteer telling Canadians that 'Goodale he wants laws controlling the RCMP'.  Goodale will not call a review because he does not want to kill his family the way he set up Dennis Rohel's family to be killed.  I, Dennis Rohel believe the Ministry of Justice has enough to arrest Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould for treason.

Does the new Minister of Justice not addressing international murder charges for the Government of Canada?  The evidence on links people to the RCMP, Informants, and Politicians guilty of murder.  Their Political and Military Police international obstruction started 20 years ago.  That obstruction caused 8 near fatal murder attempts on Dennis Rohel.  The Canadian Government is well aware of pointing the finger at Dennis Rohel in 7 court hearings.  The Government of Canada still covers up their part in murdering Dennis Rohel in 8 countries and 17 major cities for the last 20 years.  The puppet Canadian Press does not tell Canadians that the RCMP were pretending to be on a drug bust!  The RCMP only had a drug bust if they murder Dennis Rohel.  Then, 7 court hearings and review boards in Canadian Courts prove the RCMP are guilty of murder.  Why are they all murdering Rohel?  The Governments Informants, the Governments Politicians, and the Governments RCMP and VPD all pointed at Dennis Rohel as the source of the drug bust.  Dennis Rohel was not actually the source of the drug bust and that is premeditated murder by about 30 individuals.  Vancouver Crime Stoppers put out a warning against the Governments informants in a Crime Stopper format which ran all day on the Pacific Coast in Vancouver telling Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave that their informant is murder Dennis Rohel.  Instead, the Government of Canada illegally invaded, raped, and molested international children by f!#$%*g them hard in the ass with their illegal evidence Minister of Justice.  Canada and their international terrorist went lawless.  That's exactly what Chretien and Soave chose for everyone.  LAWLESS.  That's when Chretien and Soave started using children nationally and internationally.  The Chretien, Soave, and Trudeau used children in the downtown east side.  The birth certificates of the children on are all that is necessary to prove international child slavery and abuse in billion dollar drug deals by the Canadian Government.  That dirty lawless start degenerates into child rapes and the illegal occupation of in 8 counties under false pretence for the World Court to consider.  The Vancouver Sun and Province declared LAWLESS Canada in print in the Vancouver Sun and Province.  Chretien and Soave relished in their pedophilia while their protege and causing Justine Trudeau showed the world his big cock in the background

Surrey BC voted in their Civic election on Saturday, October 20, 2018.  The people voted in a wave of support for the 'Safe Surrey Coalition'.  AKA 'Trash the Surrey RCMP Criminals'.  Doug McCallum campaigned for mayor as a Safe Surrey Coalition candidate.  He won by more than 12,000 votes over top contender Tom Gill.  The campaign included the promise to replace the RCMP detachment with a designated local police force (Municipal Police Force) and push for a Sky Train line instead of the Surrey LRT.  The entire city voted to run the murdering, child abusing, child f%#$ f%$%^g RCMP Doug McCallum out of Surrey BC.  Meanwhile, 20 years ago, Trudeau's footprints are all over the downtown east side.  Then, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his life long friend Ben Soave would arrive in Vancouver BC.  Trudeau included Chretien's protege Trudeau, and Soave welcomed Trudeau, after all Justine Trudeau is a cousin of Ben Soave.  This places Justine Trudeau in the thick of it with Chretien's informants Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie on the DES.  Between Federal and Provincial contributions Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave had to hide 50 - 100 million dollars they stole.  That's where dirty on both sides comes into play.  The Canadian Government not only illegally incarcerated their victims, but the Federal and Provincial attorneys generals all pointed at Rohel in sentencing and plea agreements to murder the only witness still standing.  1000 watchers would witness the Canadian International Terrorists over the next 20 years murdering Dennis Rohel.

Major Doug McCallum in Surrey BC is an honest man in charge of the second-largest city in British Columbia.  Today, Trudeau goes for help in Vancouver from retired RCMP Fraser MacRae.  Trudeau, Goodale, and Fraser MacRae tell Surrey their CIVIC ELECTION doesn't count. is explains how the victims are organizing to get their losses from Trudeau and MacRae.  The pain merchants Trudeau and MacRae hide publicly behind their families, as these pain merchants hide even today.  MacRae and Trudeau's criminals in the RCMP hide with Goodale.  Now the pain merchants put down elections BC.  MacRae and Trudeau claim the CIVIC ELECTION and 'Free Surrey' does not override the RCMP Military Police using the puppet Canadian Press and the CBC.  Now, on you can learn how to defend yourself against Justine Trudeau and Fraser MacRae.  Victims can fight back against these two pain merchants on details how they sell their children with the government informants.  Chretien's bag man Goodale (1998-2002) and the Canadian Press put on a 3 year show (2016-2019) with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.  Goodale and the Liberal Party were going to stop just exactly these problems by the RCMP international child abusers and rapists operating in 8 countries on orders from Chretien, Soave, and Trudeau.  Ralph Goodale and the Liberal Party were going to REFORM the RCMP on the Canadian Press.  Trudeau and MacRae went on to attack the people of British Columbia, and Elections BC was attacked along with Surrey BC.  On Trudeau and MacRae announce that their children will pay for their crimes.  MacRae goes public encouraging public support for his attack on the people of British Columbia voter rights.  The pain merchants like Fraser MacRae would rather kill their family on than actually help legalize the RCMP in Canada.  International terrorists cannot run a country indefinitely, RCMP.  Goodale pretends that he has not sold out to set up his family on demonstrates how 'dirty on both sides sell their families here today.  Dennis Rohel never waved that note around to kill their families.  They waived that note around to kill their families.  Trudeau and MacRae waived that note around to kill their family, since the last letter to the Ministry of Justine.  Our new major, Doug McCallum didn't waive that note around either like MacRae from Division E Head Quarters.  MacRae and Trudeau continue to sell their families on  20 years later, a small change makes a difference.  The People can decide if Trudeau and MacRae got caught killing their own families in Surrey British Columbia Canada.  Meanwhile, Doug McCallum is holding true to the vote and his word.  We are all cheering for Doug McCallum.  MacRae could have put the dirty note in his pocket, but Fraser MacRae chose to hide from the Worlds Court for his part of illegal evidence used to against the United States and causing death by the American in Mexico on an illegal drug bust and invasion of Mexico.

The Auditor General caught Chretien and Soave stealing 50 Million or so in cash with Trudeau, however since they had no receipts that's as far as Auditor General could proceed. offers victims a much better resolution for taxpayers when Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave steal your money. suggests the best way for victims to get your money back is to take your money back.  That small idea started with what we call 10 KEYS and 6 ANGELS. explains how the organ trade can help all free men and women get their money back.  Our secret ingredient is 1%ers.  Huh? Trudeau and the Canadian Government are murderers for 20 years, and that's why Trudeau is to dirty to call a review.  If Trudeau tells the truth, the World Court stretches the neck of his people kind.  Trudeau hides his family to cover his debt.  Today, I am informing the Minister of Justice that Trudeau did hide behind his family.  Trudeau is just too dirty to do anything else for the last 20 years and counting.  Since being elected in 2016, Justine Trudeau does everything possible to murder Dennis Rohel before the Federal Election in 2019.  Justine Trudeau uses the Canadian Government and Chretien's bag man Ralph Goodale to lie and hide the truth for 4 years, after the Liberal Government of Canada is aware of his part in murder.  Trudeau knew from the very beginning that Chretien and Soave had to finger Rohel for their made up drug bust on the DES.  During 1998-1999 'boys talk' in Vancouver, after the Port of Vancouver drug bust.

In November 1998, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien visited China and held the 20th annual meeting of Canada-China Trade Council. The two governments signed a statement on the framework of environmental cooperation oriented toward the 21st century and a memorandum of understanding on forestry cooperation. Enterprise representatives of the two countries signed 47 commercial contracts, memos of understanding and letters of intent worth 720 million Canadian dollars. Jean Chretien illegally falsified the documents of two of these people for the Trade Group. Those two people are being held in custody in China, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. They were part of the 'Lawless' crew in 1998. Justine Trudeau has enough dirt on these two individuals to force them to drop ship Fentanyl out of China, today. These two individuals know exactly why Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, was sentenced in 2016 to a 15-year term for drug smuggling. His sentence changed to the death penalty in January after Dalian Intermediate People’s Court in northeastern China reconsidered his case. He is directly connected to Jean Chretien and Justine Trudeau in 1998 and 2015, when Justine Trudeau had the leverage and manpower to drop ship Fentanyl out of China with the 'Lawless' crew of 1998.

Trudeau is implicated when Rohel sends evidence to CSIS 10 years ago.  These are the public headline evidence included a letter outlining the RCMP terrorism and the RCMP chat room during the last 4 years in Government.  Rohel got some of these facts from the RCMP chat room the Trudeau and Chretien government are hiding. Rohel notified CSIS of his crimes 10 years ago.  10 years ago, Rohel sent 'the chat room' to CSIS in a letter mailed from 8 locations.  The letter documents the chat room 10 years ago, and Ralph Goodale must have known about the criminals in the RCMP, then.  Rohel informed CSIS about Undercover Agent from 'Salmon Arm' and Undercover Agent from 'Richmond' could easily be tracked through their emails.  10 years ago, The Federal RCMP announcement was made to secure email.  Dennis Rohel's letter changed the rules for the RCMP, as forwarded to them from CSIS.

Rohel registered that information with CSIS 10 years ago, as he changed the rules for undercover agents and plain cloths officers.  He changed their security protocols by finding the RCMP rapists and murderers online.  CSIS has know about the rapes and murders by since they received the information from Rohel.  The issue was controls and connections on legacy accounts, where Rohel tracked down their families for  CSIS has been aware of the RCMP's chat room for 10 years!  Does that mean this email is similar to the CSIS email? Yes.  The chat room confirms much of this document Ralph Goodale.  Canada illegally occupied and attacked 8 sovereign nations with the RCMP.  CSIS informed the Government, and Russia and China were both encouraged to murder Rohel.  Trudeau and Chretien both know they were f#$@#$g little children in the face for the last 10 years officially.  Lawless.  They loved it.  Today, the murderers in the RCMP are protected by Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould in the news media.  Still, No Review.  Wilson-Raybould can't figure out why decent people on want to farm her family for the organ trade to get their money back?

After the civic election in Oct 2019, Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould began a media attack against the new elected Mayor in Surrey.  After the election, the Governments 3 international murderers hid behind disgraced and retired pedophiles attacked to the CSIS file from the Surrey RCMP Detachment (Fraser MacRae).  Trudeau is now doing everything possible to stop the international attention.  Trudeau wants the RCMP to stay and take the blame, as Trudeau can hide behind his family with his accomplices.  Trudeau wants the RCMP to shut up!  He wants the RCMP to stay!  Why? The Files.  When the courts don't work?  When the police don't work?  When Laws don't work? When politicians don't work? explains exactly how these dirty on both sides can be farmed by decent people for a better life.  Victims can take your money back from the Chretien, Soave, and Trudeau.  Would you want to live next to these animals 'dirty on both sides'? readers would rather you have a better life.  That's how the 6 Little Angels network got started in Canada by the victims.  If the dirty want to hide behind their children that is their choice.  You are the rightful owners of your home, your town, and your city Surrey BC.  Pedophiles and murderers like Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould may very well learn that decent folks will fight back now.  The Punisher. 

The Punisher is a free man or woman.  The Punisher lives on the Fringe among these animals.  We are your neighbours.  The Punisher slogan is 'Catch me if you can' on the fringe. began the idea that the organ trade puts dirty animals down faster than corrupt and dirty Crown Attorneys, Judges, Attorneys, CSIS, Politicians, and dirty RCMP.  Surrey voted to put down the RCMP, and Surrey does not want to save filthy animals like the RCMP. explains how Surrey can farm the dirty animals working for the RCMP.  The readership at has the choice to farm the dirty on both sides for a better life.  Most Canadian support culling the dirty on both sides, as Canadians have been humiliated by murderers, pedophiles, and rapists running their country and military police force. suggests that we all have a choice Punisher. demonstrates how the Punisher can put these dirty animals in the ground. Canadians are starting to realize how they can take their money back from the dirty government, police, and informants.  Canadians don't have to pay to f$$k children in the face?  That's why has become a place where decent folks can make 6 little angels for the one dead animal.  Jean Chretien and Justine Trudeau have donated their young to hide in Quebec Canada.

The victims on were illegally incarcerated and murdered on 3 continents.  These illegally incarcerated individuals identified on are just now learning the violence against their families and countries.  Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould are dirty on both sides.  The victims at know who they are.  The victims of Wilson-Raybould watched her hide that note for Trudeau, as she teaches her tribe international terrorism by her actions.  Wilson-Raybould hides everything and she would rather kill her tribe with Trudeau.  The Punisher has the best law, 6 little angels and one dead animal. has the best law of all, The Punisher.  Since, the Puppet Courts across Canada have no law, the victims in the Port of Vancouver are forced to fend for themselves. makes it easier to farm dirty children for the organ trade than it is to get Justice in a Canadian Courtroom from a corrupt Canadian Judiciary.  Is that why Little and Wilson-Raybould is so eager to kill her family for Trudeau?  Are they loyal?  Are they hiding together?  I can prove they are hiding and they each individually choose to murder Rohel in a premeditated fashion.  I for one am doing my best to tell the whole world about these criminals.  The Ministry of Justice cannot tell the truth about CSIS.  The federal and provincial government control the puppet Canadian Press owned and controlled by American Owners.  The Puppet Canadian Press pretends to be a news media.  7 Puppet Courtrooms and 7 Puppet Judges on  1 year ago, Wilson-Raybould was aware she was murdering Dennis Rohel.  DEAD.  The RULE OF LAW is long dead in Canada.

Instead, the organ trade works perfectly for decent people.  Kill Animals.  Decent People Live.  Rich Decent People live.  That's Punisher Justice.  It is odd that it is easier to kill Chretien's family for the organ trade, than it is to get justice from the Minister of Justice, Provincial Attorney General, or the Federal General.  Criminals like MacRae are aided by the puppet media for telling their lies and misinformation to protect their own freedom.  MacRae tells Canadians that the ELECTION DOESN'T COUNT.  Pedophile MacRae and his puppet media claim the big win in the Civic Election 2019, does not count.  The murdering MacRae family and children are above the law.  It's just that bestiality and criminality by the RCMP that creates The public wants to kill his family for a better world.  MacRae did not have to waive that note around.  He chose to hide behind his family.  He could have put the note in his Pocket, instead he chose to kill his family and hide there.  The Surrey RCMP Detachment he corrupted has a lot of dirt in them files.  The beast really does belong at the end of a rope in the World Court.  Well, the RCMP will shortly be receiving this so you will know exactly how MacRae sold his family.

Readers, Punishers, Talkers, Organizers, Pickers, and Shippers benefit from  They find the best dirty on both sides bloodlines.  These are all your victims MacRae.  We will email that to your lawless face f$#@$%#s at the Surrey RCMP Detachment as well.  We will email your family.  We tell the truth.  Should we warn your family to be careful on Feb 3 2019 MacRae?  Canadians really do have a choice of putting your family organs in decent folks.  You're selling them MacRae. provides options for Canadians as Punishers and Talkers.  Punisher build their own lottery ticket which is marketed by the Talker.  The lottery ticket consisting of a piece of paper and a ribbon.  Now the Government does not need to worry about us with the puppet courts and judges.  The dirty have lied, stolen, and murder civilians. can find and locate their families so you can get your money back.  All our readers can have a better life farming these beasts.  Absolutely.  Dirty animals on both sides like MacRae sell their children to hide.  That's the type of morality dirty on both sides portrays every single time.  David Lametti has replaced Wilson-Raybould as Puppet Minister of Justice in October 2019.  Hand picked by Trudeau, do you think Lametti is already guilty of obstruction against the Canadian people on February 3 2019?  Lametti continues to hide crimes by Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould.  Today, the elected Minister of Justice and the elected Attorney General of British Columbia and Canada have no intention of telling the truth.  Lametti has already an accomplice for the Liberal Party of Canada.  Shame.  RCMP shame Canada.  Now, wouldn't it be nice to farm the MacRae animals? We can all feel good about 6 little angels?  That might have something to do with farming a good number of international RCMP f!#$$#%g children in the face, and Ralph Goodale hid everything and makes a public media effort with new laws so Ralph Goodale can hide his child abuse.  Ralph Goodale knew that one year ago.  Chretien's bag man Goodale would rather fist f$%k Canadians and Canada than come clean about his bag service between 1998-2002 for Chretien.

Dirty on both sides forces Justine Trudeau into a corner now, as he fired one Justice Minister for another Justice Minister, recently.  Trudeau can't tell the truth.  There are international crimes that qualify for a rope at the World Court.  Trudeau chooses to ignore everything on with his accomplices.  Trudeau gambles he can hide.  Trudeau has no shame for disrespecting a civic election and local democracy in Surrey.  Instead, Trudeau is an accomplice in murder, and the Ministry of Justice shows no shame murdering  They both commit treason to keep the Liberal Party of Canada out of the international child f^$%#%g spotlight. is public.  We simply provide the venue for the dirty on both sides like Trudeau and Chretien to prove themselves beasts.  Trudeau and Chretien hide believing nothing will happen.  We are starting to notice that our readers actually prefer Justice on our stage to useless puppet Justice in the Canadian Courts.  Decent people can make Canada a better country, alone.  The Punisher farms the dirty on at a time.  Will the United States extradite Trudeau and Chretien for falsifying the evidence to invade 8 countries under false pretences?  Hopefully. helps other countries the corrupt 'nice' nation which does not exit in politics and the military police.  'Everybody is going to know Justine Trudeau is looking at the end of a rope.  Then, Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould decide they are going to hide the files in the Surrey RCMP Detachment, after the election to get rid of the Surrey RCMP Department.  Today, Trudeau and Chretien remain guilty of murder, and they remain guilty of obstruction of justice for another year against the illegal invasions of the United States and China.  Chretien and Trudeau know they had no evidence when providing illegal evidence to the United States and Mexico.  That's why the Americans might want to get their money back as well, and their Punishers can farm the Chretien and Trudeau bloodlines for hate and revenge for profit.

Trudeau is fully aware he is murdering Dennis Rohel from November 1998 - June 1999 on the DES, as Jean Chretien and the RCMP International Superintendent Ben Soave had a great visit when they arrived in Vancouver after the Port of Vancouver.  Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould are very eager to hide their crimes.  They don't believe 1 single taxpayer would want their money back.  Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould would rather take a chance.  Yes.  That is exactly what they are doing.  Our readers have connected Goodale's to the money connecting the pieces together, and Rohel personally believes at least 1 taxpayer will take their money back for f%$%@$%g children in the face.  Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould.  don't believe one taxpayer has the morals or the guts Punisher.  These 3 beasts are dirty on both sides, as they stand proud in the puppet media telling you they are going to fix the RCMP.  Canadians are questioning the propaganda distributed by the American owned Canadian Press.  Take advantage of a change in the way the world works, has already identified enough dirty on both sides to ear billions in the next 20 years in Canada.  They set up your families for the Punisher. does not encourage people to suffer because of the beast.  Rather, encourages the truth.  The YELLOW ALERT will flashing in your home town when we put down the beast in your neighbourhood, and Punishers will have made your life better, Canadians.  The YELLOW ALERT announces justice has been done by 10 keys for 6 little angels, and welcomes all Canadian to the stage show all our Watchers have prepared.

Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould are all welcome on our stage in front of the RCMP Detachment.  Watchers have already started arranging international media support for the first Punisher.  We will have 8 international media prepared with all information the Watchers have accumulated.  You are welcome to participate with the stage event, as each country learns how these animals attacked their morality.  How the Surrey RCMP Detachment is still hiding the sex with their children.  We want to have the parents on stage for your families.  It is important for the children so understand how these animals gut their children out because they are dirty on both sides.  YELLOW ALERT.  Now the children in the Okanagan can watch SuperIntendent Ted De Jager tell us how terrible it is when Canadian stand up for their rights.  I'm sure his accomplices in the Surrey Detachment will tell us all their dead dirty animal child is a tragedy.  Well RCMP we have a stage show ready for you every time we kill your dirty on both sides children.  You can explain all your actions then, De Jager.  You can tell them you didn't know Minister of Justice.  Still, you steal money from the taxpayers to cover up your murder?  Tax Dollars to cover up murder. helps our readers get that money back with your families organs.  Your children may know from us, before you tell them Ted.

Life is the most valuable part of the Universe. sells dirty animals.  6 Little Angels for 1 dead animal.  6 Better Lives for 6 Angel Makers.  Decent folks like us would rather live with decent people and we don't want to live with animals like the Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould. is proud of doing the right thing with these dirty animals.  Life is valuable, and we can't all steal billions with imaginary pipeline deals Justine Trudeau.  Instead, helps the Punisher farm your family for good money for the right reasons.  Instead Trudeau is funding and campaigning against the popularly elected Council and Major in Surrey BC.  When 10 keys and six little angels save us from these animals, we publicize our actions globally on stage during the YELLOW ALERT.  Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould are welcome on stage.  They can tell the international media they did not have any part of raping foreigners.  Trudeau can talk about his people kind raping these children instead.  We publicize all national and international events with our global contacts and global 1%er media.  The dirty on both sides is now forever on stage and questioned by the prepared international media.  Will these beasts have the courage to stand next to mom and dad that gave a child for their debts? customers are the richest people on earth.  1%ers deal directly with the Punisher through 10 keys, and the 1%ers will never know or meet the Punisher.  We are all very proud to provide the information and services on to 1%er moms and dads in Cancer Wards.  That's how we make angels in the richest and most exclusive hospitals on earth.  Our Angels makers make incredible wages, and the richest of the 1%ers can afford to put down any animals dirty on both sides like the Trudeau bloodline.  Can, Canadians, and 1%ers work together to make the world a better place.  Absolutely.  The bottom line is that 1%ers can be putting down these dirty informants, and they are putting up their own Angels.  Do you really want 3rd generation back stabbers like Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie in school with your children Canada?  1%er children will live instead.  We will all be safer and richer culling the dirty on both sides.  What if Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave turned their informants on your children Canada?  What is they killed your daughters dog Canada? explains how to avoid being back stabbed by these animals, again? protects decent children by make Certified Dirty DNA information available.  Certified Dirty DNA guarantees 1%ers that their child lives because an animal died. saves decent children.  Remember, it was Trudeau's informants that double crossed the RCMP on the downtown east side with Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave.  These 3 criminals should have shut down the drug investigation, but they decided to keep the illegal Port of Vancouver Drug bust.  They each decided in a premeditated fashion to murder Rohel, so they could keep the drug bust.  Trudeau knew that in 1998, and Trudeau is well aware that decent folks deserve life more than a Trudeau and his dirty RCMP.

Fraser MacRae steps forward into the media spotlight.  Macrae knows he will never get out of jail if the RCMP files are turned over to a credible Municipal Police Force.  Still, Macrae does not believe that 1 taxpayer wants their money back for all the criminal activities of his years at Division E and the RCMP Detachment in Surrey.  MacRae is blind to child sex acts.  Blind to everything.  You will notice that MacRae did not appear until after the election.  MacRae couldn't care less before the election, until after the elections when MacRae imagines the bars of his cell after the election.  MacRae the criminal has few moves left, as he contacts old media sources and tells CANADA how to f$%k themselves.  Their vote doesn't count. pushes information like that forward for the Punisher to chose his tags. tells the truth about MacRae, while the American owned Canadian Press puts an international terrorist on stage for the puppet media, and he tells us elections don't count as now catches MacRae in the media spotlight.  MacRae is desperate because he like Trudeau, Little, and Wilson-Raybould realize that they have tracks leading to their part of murdering Dennis Rohel.  The each have historical footprints back to the email, and CSIS has them as international terrorists 10 years ago. is that web site that promotes the dirty on both side to be culled.  We are the good guys.  We protect your family with Certified Dirty DNA to protect innocent families.  Today provides the Punisher with information on MacRae.  MacRae intentionally sets up his family for  MacRae could have kept his mouth shut, and he could have hung on the end of a rope at the Worlds Court, instead.  Checkmate . . . .

International Terrorist Fraser MacRae claims Mayor and Civic Election people don't have a mandate to create city's own police force.  We welcome funds to kill the MacRae family for Terrorism Against Canadians
Fraser MacRae

Fraser MacRae was promoted to Assistant Commissioner in the RCMP in November 2010.  He's the Officer in Charge of the RCMP detachment in Surrey, the largest in Canada with 640 police officers and 250 civilian support staff.

He has served in the North Vancouver, Burnaby, Ridge Meadows, and Surrey RCMP detachments. He also spent 17 years at E Division headquarters, working on a number of high profile crime and drug investigations.  MacRae joined the RCMP in 1976. He and his wife Debbie have three sons and a daughter.  Fraser MacRae Fraser MacRae was promoted to Assistant Commissioner in the RCMP in November 2010, from his previous rank of Chief Superintendent.  He is the Officer in Charge of the RCMP detachment in Surrey, the largest in Canada with 640 police officers and 250 civilian support staff.  He has served in the North Vancouver, Burnaby, Ridge Meadows, and Surrey RCMP detachments. He also spent 17 years at E Division headquarters, working on a number of high profile crime and drug investigations.  MacRae joined the RCMP in 1976. He and his wife Debbie have three sons and a daughter.  The important part of the bio is the 17 years working high profile crime and drug investigations.  This is our man then and now with the RCMP.  Perhaps that explains the JUMP after the election? talks about how desperate these MacRae animals are to stay out of jail.  What MacRae should do is stand up to be hung in the World Court and save his family.  Instead, MacRae waived that note around symbolically selling his family to hide for his hanging.  Now, MacRae has to gamble with and push the RCMP Detachment UP to stay out of jail.  Trudeau makes Canada's new Minister of Justice guilty of obstruction last year, and last month when they are announced.  Fraser MacRae is guilty of anything Justine Trudeau did to 8 countries and 18 major cities.  However, Macrae stands up on the CBC to support his criminals in the Surrey RCMP Detachment.  Desperation.  Yes.  Did MacRae got caught hiding behind his family to stay out of jail.  That's why Punisher's cull dirty like MacRae.  RacRae is a solid target, and he is internationally dirty on both sides.  Notice, no love and media announcements before the election.  After the election, MacRae tags his family in the spotlight!  Wow.  Why set up his family now MacRae?  Lots of blood for the RCMP.  Did you notice that?  I sure did.  MacRae belongs at the end of a rope in the World Court.  MacRae covers up everything with Trudeau.  Meltdown.

MacRae knows he goes to jail when a Municipal Police Force takes over his Detachment and Files.  The criminals with the RCMP will have to turn over the files.  10 - 20 - 50 years of jail time or a rope motivated old MacRae to get on the horse, again.  He sacrifices his family with Trudeau, Chretien, and Soave.  MacRae is going to be welcomed on stage for his first YELLOW ALERT.  MacRae can explain why Surrey citizens are not allowed to vote.  If your lucky nobody will throw baby guts at you while you are on stage MacRae.  That's what we are like at  Did MacRae tells us our vote doesn't matter Minister of Justice?  I believe MacRae tortured and mutilated his own family by hiding dirty style from you Minister of Justice.  I think MacRae might just suck you into this as well.  Decent folks deserve better than these animals.  That's why the Punisher hunts down dirty animals like the MacRae family.  That way decent folks can live a better lives. only provides information to the victims of Surrey BC.  If the Surrey RCMP Detachment believes it is above the law, then the dirty may will be on stage during a YELLOW ALERT.  If your a dirty cop on both sides, do you think anyone is going to try to find your 10 - 17 year old child, MacRae?  That's why offers readers the opportunity to farm the dirtiest animals on earth like Fraser Macrae's family for the organ trade.  What else would you do with their bloodline?  Trained dirty on both sides?  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau and RCMP Commissioner Belinda Little are still selling their children with MacRae.  Hiding. . .

I am writing this because I believe the public has a right to know.

Dennis Rohel