The Talker Vigilante Guide (Beta 1.2 March 6 2018)

      a)   The Talker Vigilante Guide provides tips and tricks for Talkers.  Who are Talkers?

      b)   The Talker Vigilante Guide is based on successful techniques of our first legendary Talker.

      c)   The Talker Vigilante Guide is NOT a rule book, as free men and women improvise as Talkers.

      d)   The Talker Vigilante Guide offers sales tips for future Talkers.

      e)   The Talker Vigilante Guide offers maximum revenue and minimum risk insights.

      f)   The Talker Vigilante Guide explains how to the Talker closes the final Gift of Life meeting.

      g)   Finally, the Talker Vigilante Guide explains how the Organizer is activated by the Card Flip.

      h)   The Talker Vigilante Guide explains how the Talker trades the Gift of Life to the decent people.

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a) The Talker Vigilante Guide outlines how free men and women can trade Life, the most valuable part of the Universe.

If you are a free man or women, you can be a Talker.  The first generation of Talker farmed the 'dirty' in the book, Little Whore from Clavet.  Talkers never meet the dirty DNA.  The Talkers only have the Paper Tag and Ribbon provided to the Talker by a Punisher.  The Talker receives the Paper Tag and Ribbon using the distributed up network.  The first Talker saw the same dirt as the Punisher.  While the Punisher farms dirty, the Talker doesn't waste living tissue.  Free men and women become Talkers, when they decide decent people deserve better than dirty informants, dirty police, and dirty politicians.  The first Talker decided to profit on the international crimes of the Little Whore from Clavet.  The first Talker started changing the world in an unusual way.  Yes, the first Talker changed the way the world works for the Gift of Life Network.  The first Talker wanted a better life for himself and his clients in the new mellenium.

The first Talker jumped into the richest clientele (1%er) on the planet.  That Talker worked in the largest industry (Medical) on the planet.  That Talker believed 'Life is the most valuable part of the Universe' in the book by Rohel.  That first Talker dealt six cards to six different children in six different cancer wards.  666 The first Talker dealt the cards of the dirty 'Beast'.  These Beasts are the informants, police, and politicians promoted for international child abuse and murder.  Talkers deal life from the dirty to the decent.  Talkers choose life for decent folks over dirty beasts.  Dirty Canadian informants, police, and politicians are indentified by Punishers with a Paper Tag and a Ribbon on the distributed up network globally.  Talkers will be busy with these families well into the future, as Talkers shuffle and deal life to the deserving people.  You could be a Talker offering Life to the 1%! Talkers ask themselves, do you really want these dirty beasts to raise more children? Talkers believe decent folks deserve a better life than dirty animals? The informants, police, and politicians in the book deserve less life than the decent folks.

Talkers understand that we are not born or raised equal.  We are not equal.  In the book the LWFC, Becky, Jimmy the Junkie, Blondie, and their children are murdering and child abusing informants.  During 1998 and 1999, they add their entire family to the equation, as they are all part of the international murder and child abuse.  The 3 families began to join together in a tight bond after the Home Invasion and well into Europe.  The 3 families are totally responsible for beginning the national and international child abuse and murder attempts on Rohel and the 4 participants in the Port of Vancouver.  Talkers accept a Paper Tag and Ribbon from a Punisher to farm dirty beasts.  Talkers deal six 'LIFE' cards to the 'RICH'.  Talkers accept a Paper Tag and Ribbon from the Punisher.  The Talker has what he needs in the Paper Tag and Ribbon to supply decent people with the Gift of Life.  The Talker understands that a DNA Certified Punishment is charged by the Punisher to dirty.

Talkers are smart.  Talkers know how people work.  Talkers can't make money with decent DNA.  If the DNA does not have a significant amount of hate and revenge, the smart Talker will refuse the Punisher.  The Talker must refuse the Punisher is the DNA and Paper Tag are not powered by hate and revenge.  Why? Without hate and revenge, the Talker could be hunted down like Jack the Ripper.  Hate and Revenge power the distributed up Gift of Life Network.  The Punisher knows he is wasting his time if the DNA is not at the top of the hate and revenge chart.  Still, Talkers are the first to evaluate the Punisher's Paper Tag and Ribbon on the distributed up gift of life network.  Talkers use DNA to confirm the identity of the dirty beasts.  Then, Talkers have a DNA Certified Punishment which will be powered by hate and revenge.  The Talker understands that the science of DNA and Genotyping protects the decent people.  How?

The first Talker confirmed the bloodline from the book the LWFC.  Today, Talkers follow the DNA chosen by the Punisher.  However, DNA and a Paper Tag without hate and revenge are worthless.  Talkers must confirm that the DNA is attached to copious amounts of hate and revenge and dirt for informants, police, and politicians.  The Talker must listen to the Punisher's 'story' about their DNA and Paper Tag.  These stories generally involve serious crimes such as international child abuse / slavery and accessory to murder by the LWFC's family, Ben Soave, and the international RCMP involved in murders.  How could the Talker know the Punishers story qualifies as DNA Certified Punishment? How could the Talker work in any country on the planet? Why could the Talker even make a personal opinion? How can a Talker operate on a network powered by hate and revenge? How can the Talker believe the Punisher.  How can we take the DNA Certified Punishment powered by hate and revenge, seriously.

The first Talker found proof of the dirty DNA and Paper Tag in the book.  Yeah, that was easy for them, but how does the new generation of DNA get certified for the distributed up gift of life network? The answer to all the questions is very simple.
1.  Punishers go to the dirty.  Punishers hunt dirt either locally or internationally.  Then, Punishers sell dirt at the nearest 4 corners through the Talker.  International Punishers sell locally to the Talker?
2.  Why not sell from India? Punishers need Talkers to sell locally or nationally for the best Profit.  Talkers tap hate and revenge locally or nationally.  International Punishers Tag Out locally at the nearest 4 Corners.  Why.  Profit.
3.  Talkers know the smart Punisher has taken his Profit into consideration.  Punishers maximize profit by selling their DNA and Paper Tag locally 4 corners.  The Talker will determine that the local DNA and Paper Tag is good.
4.  Talkers can consult with the distributed up network for information as well.  It is the Punisher who hunts internationally or nationally, and it is the Punisher which brings the dirty to a local 4 corners for marketting.

National or international Punishers do not take their DNA and Paper Tags home with them.  Instead, they approach a local 4 corners where hate and revenge reigns suppreme.  International Punishers pursue Profit from one genotype in one geographical area.  Yellow alerts with the 6 Little Angels insignia on the international news is a signal for more Punishers.  Punishers sell their DNA and Paper Tag locally on 4 corners for the best profit.  The Talker can determine the validity of a DNA and Paper Tag.  Since, Punishers pursue Profit, what is impossible is rather natural.  Whether Punishers are national or international does not effect the local hate and revenge tapped.  That will be tapped where it is best tapped.  4 Corners.  Once again, Talkers know the decent people need not be concerned for their safety.  The Talker's 6 Little Angels network ensures the safety of the public and 6 Little Angels clientele.

Talkers guaranttee decent informants, police, and politicians are SAFE.  Why? The Talker only sells dirty DNA into the distributed up Gift of Life Network.  Smart Talkers confirmed their DNA and Paper Tag is markettable.  Talkers create their own 6 Little Angels network by going to the client.  Talkers are unlikely to know the dirty DNA, and Talkers will never meat the dirty DNA.  Most Talkers will never see the dirty beast, unless they choose to watch the Yellow Alert on Television.  The Talker has everything they need with the DNA and a Paper Tag.  The Talker now searches for a kidney, while he markets living tissue to the medical industry.  Should decent folks fear the Talker? No.  Talkers only farm the DNA Certified Punishments.  Furthurmore, DNA Certified Punishment is only for the very, very, very dirty indeed.  Why? Society would hunt down both the Punisher and the Talker if we were harvesting decent children aged 10 - 17 year old.  The murdering, ratting, raping, informant Becky in the book the Little Whore from Clavet qualifies in 8 countries and 18 major cities.  Betrayal, Murder, Child Slavery, and Attempted murder by the Little Whore from Clavet culls her entire bloodline.

edited to here Talkers should know a DNA Certified Punishment standard is very high indeed.  Yet, the dirty animals from the Little Whore from Clavet continue to breed.  There entire genotype breeds murder, child abuse, and betrayal.  This DNA will take Talkers years to convert into 6 Little Angels. The first Talker was found by the Punisher Talker using the distributed up network powered by hate and revenge.  Talkers and Punishers deserve better lives than rats bloodlines.  The 95%er forest and ice people have limited options in the land of forest and ice  Yet, VPD, RCMP, CSIS, and Task Force II give millions to rat back stabbers, while young men and women have limited options in the land of forest and ice.  Starting from their priceless youth, 95%ers are held down, emaciated, dulled intellectually, and worn down mentally and physically in exhausting jobs.  95%ers struggle to find work, and they spend most of what they make on bank payments for their shacks and cars.  95%ers retire on small pensions, which their pensions are just enough to avoid homelessness.  I’ ve witnessed very, very, very few 95%ers amount to more than a few used vehicles, a worn down blue collar shack, and debts with little net worth!  Worst still, 95%ers fail to maintain the vehicles and the blue collar shack in recessions, job losses, health problems, and bank foreclosures.  The first legendary Talker realized the Punishers DNA paperwork fingered the back stabbing rats  The Talker also realized blood type and tissue matching tests were money in the bank.  The Talker chose a better life for his family, as the Talker believed his family deserved better than rats back stabbing their freinds and the boys in the Port of Vancouver.  The Talker shares the most precious gift of all, The Gift of Life  The most precious part of the Universe really is time. 

The first legendary Talker knew how powerful hate and revenge is for the distributed up network.  Punishers used hate and revenge to find a Talker using the Distributed Up network.  Punishers find Talkers, one, two, three steps up from the street.  Talkers are quick to qualify Punishers whenever a brick falls off the truck anywhere in the world.  The Punishers DNA and story match a rat back stabber.  The Talker is situated well enought to know if anyone has been found responsible for that brick that was lost.  Finally, the Blood Type, and HLA matches the wealthy for maximum revenue at minumum risk.  The Talker provides a legal service to the wealthiest 1%ers.  The Talker is hard at work once the Punisher has faded into a Ghost in the community.  Talkers work to find matches to the Blood Type and HLA, while the Ghost waits for a signal from the Talker.  Talkers match the wealthiest 1%ers, who are suffering from cronically ill and / or cancerous heart, liver, kidney, lung, colon, intestine, pancreas, and heart lung patients.  Talkers have the legal right to talk to these people.  Talkers can consult tips from the first Talker in the book, The Little Whore from Clavet.  In the book, the first Talker was the first step by Punishers using hate and revenge powered distributed up.  The land of forest and ice was the first to have Punishers using distributed up networks powered by hate and revenge for the gift of life.  Talkers in the future look forward to seeing a Punishers looking for a better life.  That is how the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie created a new way of dealing with rat back stabbers.  Their 3 bloodlines helped out with the 250 Million dollar loss in the Port of Vancouver!

The first legendary Talker was intrigued with the first Punishers story about 250 Million dollars lost in Vancouver.  Our Talker understood the Punisher had the right story, and the DNA paperwork and HLA matched one of the three bloodlines in the book!  The Punisher had the right story and the right information from historical accounts.  The Talker was also assured the bee sting actually worked, and the DNA belonged to a decendent of The Little Whore from Clavet’ s brothers who raped 14 year old Penny in the book.  Talkers must be confident that the DNA and HLA is right to capitilize on hate and revenge.  The hate and revenge will be used to recruit the future Organizer aka The Counter to share the Gift of Life with the 1%ers, and The Counter will also count on hate and revenge to futhur the goal of the Gift of Life to the wealth.  The first legendary Talker was confident the DNA, Blood Type, and HLA was good.  It was right there on the coffee table in the coffee shop, as the first Talker was the third step for the Punisher.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

Hospitals in every major city on earth have waiting lists for hearts, kidneys, lungs.

 Talker Vigilante Guide 1   DNA Sources    end of intoductiobn of talkers section Talker Vigilante Guide 2

b) The Talker Vigilante Guide is based on whispers, rumours and legends of the first Talker.

The truly creative Talker rids themselves of all self imposed limitations, and that new Talker can also earn a million plus from the true story The Little Whore from Clavet.  The Talker agrees to find a kidney for the Punisher on the distributed up network in the land of forest and ice.  The Punisher knew nothing but the rat back stabber, and the Talker was just someone in the distributed up network from the street.  In our true story, Talkers confirm that the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and her husband Blondie laughed it up across 8 countries and 18 major cities selling out everyone they knew including ‘Watchers’ .  Talkers can also read how Rohel survived, and they know they have hate and revenge powered in all these locations.  The three bloodlines joined Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie to hold up ‘the note’ witnessed by ‘Watchers’ which included Hells Angels, The Mob, The Mexican Cartel, and the South American Cartel.  Now, the Talker has to match a kidney for his new friend the Punisher.  Optionally, Talkers and Punishers formalize the ‘kidney hunt’ in a employment contract.  This simpley details the Talkers responsibility to find a kidney for the Punisher.  The Talker knows this paperwork is routine in the multi billion dollar kidney business, and the contract is mutual protection rather than an indicator of mistrust by either party.  The Talker is now confident to get started.  The Talker is fully charged up by the distributed up network powered by hate and revenge.

The Talker knows Rohel wrote ‘the note’ and the unfinished book ‘The Little Whore from Clavet’ .  Each time the rat back stabbers held up ‘The note’ in each country, the commited a crime.  These 3 rat bloodlines were guilty of conspiracty to commit murder.  The 3 rat bloodlines believed they could blame the Port of Vancouver on Rohel.  The international murder attempt by the 3 bloodlines was witnessed by ‘Watchers’   Watchers would become a very important part of the Gift of Life network in the future.  The Talker also saw nothing but gold lined hate and revenge in the international train wreck portion of ‘Omerta’ connected to the Port of Vancouver.  The ongoing funding for ‘Omerta’ and the success of ‘Omerta’ was based on the drug bust in the Port of Vancouver.  The only success Omerta would ever derived as from the container in the Port of Vancouver based on historical records  The Talker knew he could leverage distributed up network with the the Hells Angels, the Montreal Mob, the South American Cartel, and Mexican Cartel in 8 countries and 18 major cities!  The Talker also knows that some of them actually watched these 3 families try to intice the boys in the Port of Vancouver to try to kill Rohel  The Talker knew he could find someone higher up in the ‘distributed up’ network fueled by 250 Million dollars of hate, revenge, and 100 years of jail time when he was finished Talking.  The time to maximize revenue by talking to 1%er cancer and cronic diseize patients was now earn the million plus.

The Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie were unable to murder Rohel with ‘the Note’   The most important advantage the boys in the Port of Vancouver gained was that ‘Watchers’ witnessed their attempted murder of Rohel  There is no dispute Rohel wrote the note, as the note was a warning to the Hells Angels about Jimmy the Junkie and his Gang.  Since the Talker understands the boys in the Port of Vancouver were not tricked into killing Rohel, he also understands the rats were trying to weasel out of the home invasion shortly before the Port of Vancouver which is what the note itself is about Jimmy the Junky and his Gang.  Rohel survived.  Meanwhile, the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie had shown their hand to several hundred ‘Watchers’ in 8 countries and 18 major cities, after they are informants in the Port of Vancouver.  This turns their ‘attempted murder charges’ into ‘international attempted murder’ across 8 international borders  Now, the Talker needs to match the Blood Type and HLA he has to another kidney.  The Talker must not only match, but the Talker must match to the wealthiest 1%ers with either cronic illnesses or cancer for maximum revenue and minimum risk for the free men and women distributing the Gift of Life.

Talkers know they have DNA and HLA which matches someone in the millions of people on waiting lists for organs  Their match came to them from the distributed up network, and new Talkers can access medical information about organ transplants over the internet  Talkers learn that cronic diseize waiting lists for organs gives them at least a 2 - 4 week window to save as many lives as possible  People an linger for years on the cronic diseize lists  Talkers also learn that cancer victims have a much better survival rate with organ transplants than with chemotherapy or radiation  Chemotherapy and Radiation have their success statistics, however often organ transplant is a much better option  Sometimes organ transplant is the only option for cancer patients  These are two areas Talkers focus on for the Gift of Life  One, every major hospital on earth has an organ waiting list for every major organ  The Talker looks on these lists for a kidney  Yes, that is correct  The Talker looks for kidney matches on these waiting lists nationally and internationally in every major hospital on earth  Talkers access these databases loaded with 1%ers needing organ transplants  Yes, the Talker selects the richest addresses or names from the list  Two, smart Talkers approach the most expensive Cancer Campuses on Earth  These 10, 000.00 dollar per month campuses have 1%ers who need our transplants over radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  In each different market, the Talker approaches the richest 1%ers looking for a kidney.  The approach is simple, the Talker needs a kidney, and would they consider willing him a kidney for his customer if they die?  While in the meeting, the Talker reconsiders his actions, as they 1%ers are so charming  Now, the Talker suggests a change of heart  Now, the talker suggests that if you really want, I can get you a perfect new lung before the cancer takes your life  I can suggest a new heart, before your heart fails completely  This is how the Talker can work the richest 1%er markets in organ transplants and cancer transplants distributing the Gift of Life to the richest men and women on earth.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Talker finds patients for organ transplance

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 1   DNA Sources    Talker Vigilante Guide 3

c) The Talker Vigilante Guide is NOT a rule book, as free men and women improvise as Talkers.

There are no rules for a Talker.  The Talker matches Blood Type and HLA tests in search of a kidney.  The Talker knows finding a person a kidney is a legal business.  This makes the Talker a contractor for his client, and the contractor searches cronic disieze organ transplant lists and cancer lists.  Talkers start with 6 major organs for transplant.  Talkers use these databases to match his Blood Type and HLA in search of kidney.  Before attempting an approach, Talkers qualify matches for their financial status.  Then, Talkers typically call several matches to arrange a meeting with ‘pre qualified’ individuals in each database to talk about the ‘Gift of Life’ .  In the meeting, The Talker explains that his contract is to acquire a kidney for a older child.  The Talker wanders into why the individual is on the particular ‘Organ Wait List’ ?  The Talker once again changed from looking for a kidney to inquiring why the patient is on the ‘Heart Database’   The Talker once again changes the approach to offer to refer the ‘Heart Database’ patient to a miracle worker in the international organ trade.  The Talker is confident the miracle worker will find a heart on time to save the patients life?  The Talker once again qualifies the patient with "what could you afford ” if the miracle worker was able to find something in the next week!  We all count on the maximum ‘Gift of Life’ monetary reward generated by the Talker  Then, the distributed up network ramains powered by hate, revenge, and money.  Why?  Talkers now have what they need to power their network to the next level.  If there is anything close to a hard rule, the rule is that successful talkers only deal with 1%ers.  All free men and free women benefit the most by farming back stabbing rats to trillion dollar trusts, multi billionairs, and top 1%ers at the top of all 1%ers  Time is converted to a life changing sum of money to all free men and women involved in the Gift of Life.

Talkers do not seek the spotlight during their respectfull service to the richest 1%ers on earth  Talkers avoid the media spotlight in the land of forest and ice, and they leverage hate, revenge, and life itself for all of us to have a better life.  In return, 1%ers controlling politicians, armies, and police have a vested interest in keeping their power at bay against the Gift of Life network.  Talkers work the quiet limelight, and the rich can purchase Life.  Talkers are remembered by the Dupont and Rockerfellers, when they need us again  We gave the Gift of Life to their ‘little Sally’ or ‘little Billy’ .  Imagine, giving the gift that lasts a lifetime to the richest, wealthiest 1%ers on earth.  How many 1%ers are going to loose that business card?  Talkers capture the wealthy in need of organs due to chronic disease and cancer in two different ways, however the approach remains the matching of a kidney.  Research clearly indicates that replacement of organs can be 10 times more effective both radiation and chemotherapy.  The wealthy would also avoid the unwanted effects of cancer treatments which "make tumors stronger".  The Talker can save lives for the wealthy in most leading causes of death.  Now would you loose that business card?

Oncology deals with the development, origin of tumors, diagnosis, & treatment of malignant neoplasms.
Cancer treatments can make tumors stronger

Talkers are 95%ers earning a better life for their families with the low risk, high return, search of a kidney.  Yes, the talker searches for a kidney, and he offeres a business card instead of accepting a kidney  The Talker only spends time with the wealthiest of the desperate wealthy families.  Talkers are in this for a better life for all free men and women involved in the Gift of Life.  Meanwhile, the Punisher is still waiting in the wings as a Ghost, as his Talker is getting on the rolodex of the most powerful and richest 1%ers on earth.  Talkers really do have one of the best jobs in the world.  They give the ‘Gift of Life’ to the rich.  Talkers can travel to maximize revenue and minimize risk in the Gift of Life process.  Talkers really have nothing to hide, and some talkers are looking for return business from their clients  Meanwhile, the Talkers kidney source, the Punisher waits on the fringe for a ribbon on the stop sign, while that Punisher is on his way to work at a low paying job.  Successful Talkers search long and hard for the best price on every major organ to maximize revenue for all parties.  Talkers work one patient after another until the major organs are placed from each rat to each deserving 1%ers.  Talkers and Punishers both earn a 10% fee for procuring and matching the DNA and HLA to the wealthy 1%ers in a selfless distribution of the ‘Gift of Life’ on the ‘distributed up network’ powered by hate and revenge.  Talkers hold the hand of the cronically ill and the stricken by cancer to share the Gift of Life with the wealthiest families on earth.  The Talker offers them a better way.  The Talker gives Life  Life is Time  Time is the most valuable part of the Universe.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Talker Vigilante hunts for profit

 Talker Vigilante Guide 2   DNA Sources    Talker Vigilante Guide 4

d) The Talker Vigilante Guide on bedside chat and hand holding ‘tips’ for future Talkers.

Talkers insulates the patient from 3 rat bloodline organ donars, the Note, 8 countries, 18 cities, Saskatoon Rebels, The Hells Angels, The Montreal Mob, The Mexican and South American Cartel, and the boys in the Port of Vancouver.  The smooth Talker is gentle and understanding as he introduces himself to the patient  Talkers don’ t talk about ‘Watchers’ , and they do talk about the new operations being performed exclusively for the wealthy  Talkers don’ t tell patients the organ donar bloodlines are guilty of attempted murder across international borders.  Instead, Talkers tell stories about beating inoperable cancer regularly.  Talkers offer hope, and they explain just exactly how there may be one last chance at Life.  Talkers are just someone to talk to when patients have no other hope.  That Talker has to get into the room on compasionate ground  Yes, the talker enters the life of the patient to ask for a kidney  Yes, it is not the easiest approach  Then, the request is quickly followed by alternative information on a new ‘procedure’   Whether it is the hospital or the most expensive cancer campuses on earch, the Talker has to be smooth  The Talker has people skills with the staff at hospitals  The Talker has people skills with Cancer Campuses  Talkers can focus on the mid teens to save the most life they can for the most needy children  What better reward for these three rat back stabbing families, than for them to save children with children organs  The Talker builds hope  The Talker builds confidence in the products  Finally, the Talker only offers their new service to the best wealthy clients on earth.

The Talker represents themselves as professionals who are employed to find a kidney for their client  Talkers need to constantly remind themselves that is it legal for a Talker to look for a kidney  They need to project this each day in cancer wards and hospitals  Each day 1000’ s of people are looking for a kidney, or they employ kidney dealers to find them a kidney  The legendary first Talker used the kidney industry extensively to meet and speak with 1%ers  Most Talkers find 1%ers in their own country, and our legendary Talker used the international kidney industry as a model to break into his new field  Remember, the Talker is contracted to find a kidney for his client, and the kidney dealers are contacted daily in what is called ‘global kidney tourism’   So? Well what would appear to be an impossible task of locating 1%ers matching his paper is not impossible at all! Our first Talker realized the impossible task of matching patients occurs each day in the global kidney business  That was the edge the Talker needed to match his paperwork to 1%ers  The kidney business may have used the same labs as the Punisher? It bears repeating that the ‘global kidney exchange’ has every services required by the Punisher and the Talker to match paperwork to the wealthiest of 1%ers.

Talkers learn they have exactly the same paperwork, as the kidney dealers  Everyone dying with cronic diseise and cancer has the same paperwork  Talkers realize they can use the same labs  They entire organ trade is using his identical paperwork  He was just like all the other kidney dealers  The Talker’ s advantage is the they have the prime cuts  Punishers are encouraged to ‘Tag’ 16 - 17 year olds from back stabbing rat families  Of course, Talkers would occasionally get the older prime cuts, as Punishers would farm all the youngest organs in their donar bloodlines  However, the prime cut would help establish our Talker with the richest 1%ers  We have talked about Talkers meeting patients to ask for a kidney  How do our dying patients help? Well, dying patients are allowed to designate organs to a specific other individual  How does that help? The Talker can ask to see the richest of the dying people for a kidney donation  Well, I think that would work perfect to find a rich match! Yes, that would work perfect to find a rich DNA / HLA match  That’ s what our first legendary Talker figured out.

The smooth Talkers can access patients in a completely different way  This is known in the ‘kidney industry’ as ‘Voluntary Donation’   Voluntary donation happens every day, as family members, family friends, even strangers donate kidneys  We hear about a few that get news, support, and crowd funding  We do not hear about the 98% who die  Voluntary Donation is also a way to get into the patients ear  Voluntary Donation works best with the kidney patients, however every major cronic diseise had an organization assisting in some sort of organ donation or organ search  The entire organ transplant service on earth depends on the fast exchange of information at the time of death of any organ donor  The only reason organ transplants work is because the paperwork is the same, and patient information cannot be protected by a million forms and a thousand phone calls  Major organs have to be exchanged quickly, and routine tests must be done on the fly just to harvest organs for another hospital  The organ transplant process requires everything in minutes of death  One million forms and phone calls would destroy the entire transplant service  Registering with various organ databases is one option to find the right person, however approaching all the heart lists, lung lists, pancreas lists, liver lists, colon lists, intestine lists, bone marrow lists, and any other association can generate leads to the wealthy in the 6 major organs.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punisher’ s!

The Punisher Vigilante hunts for profit

 Talker Vigilante Guide 3   DNA Sources    Talker Vigilante Guide 5

e) The Talker Vigilante Guide explains how Talkers, ‘Talk’ .

The Talker also understood that the resources of the entire global tourism industry were accessable to the public  Once again, the entire global kidney industry is trying to find the Talker  Why? The Talker is looking for a kidney  The Talker can access resources because he is a potential customer in a miriad of services and sources of information  Our legendary Talker accessed global services and sales organizations while looking for a kidney  The Talker was looking for a kidney for a kidney for his client, and he made national and international connections with ‘kidney’ dealers in the Phillipines, India, China, and other poor countries, where kidney dealers test poor people and buy kidneys for rich people who buy from the kidney dealers through kidney sales organizations  The Talker learned that the entire global tourism kidney business has access to lab services, and the Talker could also weed out the poor by advertising to the rich  While all these international resources can be used for kidneys, the Talker adapt services and sales to access transplant lists for other children with cancer  The first legendary Talker set the standard of saving 6 young lives for the richest children on earth  The Talker was starting to understand how to talk to his new patients  The Talker also used the Internet to gather a long list of support organizations for each chronic disease  For example, one of the worst cronic diseases, cystic fibrosis, kills forest and ice children.  Talkers can connect with the forest and ice Cystic Fibrosis Registry to help save decent wealthy children  The Talker has dozens of organizations ready to help with 905 new cases of cancer in the forest and ice children each year.

A virus attacked Kate’s liver  Her liver was left damaged beyond repair  Kate waited for months for the gift of life arrived  On transplant day, staff wheeled Kate and pet giraffe Spots into the operating room with matching caps  Picture Credit

Transplanting a kidney in two children with one dead back stabbing rat.

Now a thriving second grader, Kate still keeps Spots by her side  The Punisher and the Talker are proud of harvesting 3 bloodlines powered by hate and revenge leading to the gift of life for decent, secure, wealthy families facing death itself.

Talkers use publically available information in the news, reliable media sources, and history such as the Saskatchewan Cemetery Project.  The organ donars know The Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Becky’ s husband Blondie sold out their bloodlines, inlaws, gang, and friends  Talkers know they set them up for a 250 million dollar loss  Talkers know they conspired to make set their families up as accessories in an attempted murder in 8 countries in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia in 18 major cities  Talkers know they held up ‘the note’ intentionally, as they knew they were responsible for the home invasion and ratting out the Port of Vancouver  They still chose to set up their families with the note internationally, and when their attempt at killing Rohel failed, they set up their families with 8 counts of conspiracy to commit murder in 8 countries  They invited the boys in the Port of Vancouver themselves to set up their families for the loss in the attempted murder of Rohel  Of course they could have kept the note in their pockets, but they chose premeditated murder for the bloodlines, inlaws, gang, and friends  Keep it in your pocket! No  I PLAN to murder my blood relatives, my in laws, my gang, and my friends  That’ s Right  It was premeditated murder by Becky, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie! The Talker knows that all of them are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, and they all deserve to die so decent people can live  Decent people will get organs to survive powered by 250 million dollar loss worth of hate  The Talker knows the right thing to do is place all their organs for the best price with decent, secure, wealthy families  Talkers feel no guilt and only pleasure in harvesting these animals.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Talker hunts for patients

 Talker Vigilante Guide 4   DNA Sources    Talker Vigilante Guide 6

f ) The Talker Vigilante Guide explains what to do during a 1%er hunt.

The Talker does not worry about tracking technologies, and the Talker doesn’ t care that technology has no security, no secure devices, and no encryption.  The Talker uses phones, satellite radio, computers, GPS, Internet, Computers, Wireless Chips, and Computerized Vehicles with Wi Fi.  The Talker has nothing to hide  The Talker is a magician who turns all the resources of organ transplants, organ donation, and the international kidney tourism business into his personal resources to access patients.  The trail to the Punishers DNA test, Blood Test, and HLA test is broken by distributed up and the ribbon contact system.  The Punisher is a free man or woman who absolutely refuses to use these devices with the Talker  The Punisher is disconnected!  The only connection between the Punisher, and the Talker is the street entry and distributed up for the Punisher.  The Talker knows the ‘break’ between the Punisher and the Talker is strong  There is very little to follow up or down other than a pre agreed to ribbon contact initiated by the Talker at some point in the future  Finally, the Talker will never actually makes any firm deals or offers to the patients  The most important accomplishment of the Talker is to find wealthy patients  That is all the Talker does is find wealthy patients who need our help  The Talker NEVER offers the Gift of Life.

The Talker is a free man or woman who has spoken with 6 wealthy prospects, while the Talker never makes a deal with any of these 6 qualified recipients for the Gift of Live.  What has happened is each of these 6 patients have expressed the will to live to the Talker  The Talker gives up on his stated task of finding a kidney donation from these patients  The Talker has 100% confirmation that the patient on the organ transplant list is the patient he has come to know over a meeting or two at their homes or the hospital  The address, the land title, the names, the age, the medical information all lines up to confirm the 1%er patient is legitimate  Finally, the Talker suggests that he does know of someone who may be able to help with an organ replacement  However, the Talker is not in the employ of the Miracle Organization  The Talker explains that the Miracle Organization is very, very, expensive  The cost of having so many people in so many emergency wards worldwide, and their commissions in stearing your heart the right way is very high  The service is little more than ’ steering’ your heart to you, however their are often jets involved  The cost is high  The time is always short, and the shear size of the organization usually places the transplant within a week of the order  The patient is also responsible to have their hospital and doctors ready for the transplant on 8 hours notice  Would you be interested? (YEs)(No) The Talker needs to clarify the patient with "What would be the maximum you could afford"? Whatever the number, the Talker gives the patient his business card  The Talker says he will make the call, but he can’ t make any promises  If the number is low or high, the Talker says he will make the call, but he can’ t make any promises.

The Talkers game plan is to place the major organs with 1%ers at the maximum price  The Talker never makes a deal  The Talker never commits to anything  The Talker just talks  The Talker may double check for any new arrivals on the lists  Most countries share all databases across all hospitals  That is necessary for the organ donation system to work  During the search, a good Talker will have made a ‘connection’ with a hospital staff or a organ organization with access to the countries databases  The Talker will make one last check to find the wealthiest patients in the country  The Talker will phone the wealthiest Cancer Campus connections on the continent  Finally, nothing more can be done  The Talker has 6 solid prospects, and the Talker has a seconds list without the major resources of the primary list  The Talker does nothing more at this stage  While getting his prospects together the Talker has though long and hard about who he is going to throw the ball to in the outfield  The ball must be thrown to The Counter aka The Organizer.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Little Whore from Clavet and the Punisher

 Talker Vigilante Guide 5   HUNT DNA    Talker Vigilante Guide 7

g) The Talker Vigilante Guide gives the final checklist to maximize revenue and minimize risk.

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Maximizing revenue and minimizing risk requires the Talker to access 1%ers discretely  The Talker seeking a kidney donar is a very low risk approach  The number of informants dying on organ lists has to be near zero  These 1%ers want to live.  These patients are key to collecting a 250 Million dollar debt from a whore on 20th street in Toon Town and the Vancouver downtown east side.  The Talker will get noticed and respect from city and national players in all 4 organizations  The Talker is a free man or woman who hunts back stabbing rats once, or a team player building a rolodex of the wealthiest 1%ers on earth  Of course, how many 1%ers would turn down their 1%er friends when they needed help with little Billy or Sally?.  The right Talkers can make millions chasing 1%ers on all the organ waiting lists  Talkers use the ‘I need a kidney’ approach  The organ waiting lists for hearts, lungs, heart lung, liver, liver colon, colon, kidney, bowel, small intestine, and pancreas waiting lists are the prime source 1%ers trying to survive  They can all be approached for a kidney donation, and they can all be offered the Gift of Life  These are all chronic diseaze prospects which are generally going to be alive for 1 month  The cronic diseaze approach allows new Talkers several months to maximize revenue and minimize risk on 20 - 50 million dollar deals.

Recent medical discoveries and research point the Talker to the global Cancer Treatment Industry  While 95%ers will never be able to afford these facilities, the Cancer Treatment facilities accumulates only the rich 1%er fighting for their lives  The ‘I need a kidney’ can also be used to approach these 1%ers with cancer of every known type  These facilies have an endless need for certain cancer treatments like bone marrow  However, the primary purpose of speeking with patients is to substitute organ transplant with chemotherapy or radiation  Cancer Campuses are growing worldwide, and recent medical research is pushing these facilities to offer organ replacement  However, the organs that are available to to organ transplants  These facilities are actually second on the list, and the demand is strong for ‘alternative sourcing’ even in these organizations  1%ers can afford organs over chemotherapy and radiation  Finally, the advantage of Cancer Campuses is that the rich are the only people that can afford such treatment  This makes the Talkers job easier  Cancer statistics and inoperable Cancer causing death are on the rise, and these facilities may work with Talkers to provice colon liver transplants for their clientele  In either event, 1%ers have little or no change at lungs, and the Talker has the best oxygenerated lungs available on the market for the billionairs.

‘Global kidney tourism’ will teach most Talkers everything they need to know about the organ trade  We know kidney dealers buy kidneys for around $12,000.00 and they install them for $135,000.00 dollars  These kidney dealers are currently buying up and installing kidneys at a rate far above the birth and growth rate in the 3 main donating countries  The kidney shortage is right around the corner, and the price has to double or tripple to keep kidneys on hand for the rich  The official and unofficial kidney numbers are likely around 2 - 2.5 billion per year  The kidney trade uses all DNA, Blood Tests, and HLA testing for private purposes that the Punisher needs to tag his first billionair match.  The operating rooms, the physicians, the nurses, the hospitals are all due to tripple prices when the boys in the Port of Vancouver doubles the price  Yes, the kidney trade could easity jump to 4 - 5 billion just by having the boys in the Port of Vancouver buy all the kidneys for 50% more from existing kidney dealers  The boys in the Port of Vancouver could double the salaries and physician charges to keep them exclusive to the boys  Then the boys in the Port of Vancouver could double the installed price to $270,000.00  This would guaranttee a good supply of kidneys for the rich in the future, and the profit along with the organ trade itself shoud be near 6 billion per year in the foreseable future  Of course 1%ers money would be going into the organ trade, and The Counter or Organizer would determine whether the boys in the Port of Vancouver washed the 6 billion per year with 6 billion per year from other revenue streams  The recovery of the 250 Million dollar debt from the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie and Blondie could pay back in spades.  These 3 bloodlines sold out every relative, every in law, and every friend.

Free men and women can do exactly the same thing to achieve a better life while giving the gift of life.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Little Whore from Clavet and the Punisher

 Talker Vigilente Guide 6  HUNT DNA  Talker Vigilente Guide 8

h) The Talker Vigilante Guide tells how the Talker throws the ball to The Counter, aka The Organizer?

The Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie would go on to sell out their families, their relatives, their in laws, and their friends, as they held up the note in 8 countries and 18 major cities trying to pursuad the boys to kill Rohel  The whore, the junkie, and the dirt white trash set everyone up as international accessories to attempted murder.  The ‘Watchers’ for the boys over the years saw everything  The double crossed VPD, RCMP, and CSIS would just as soon the rats and their accomplices were all dead.  12 police forces helped them raise their children back stabbing rats.  This child abuse and the ratting raping Clan from Clavet will continue until The Talker throws the ball to The Counter aka The Organizer  As you remember the Talker never actually does anything but Talk  The Talker give his business card when the talking is over  Now the talker must pass the ball to The Counter  The Counter actually phones the patient for a meeting with the patient and their personal Physician  1%ers generally have personal family physicians or special relationships with their physicians and their own hospitals, or hospital wings  The Talker throws the ball upward in the organization to a free man or woman who counts money  Yes, The Counter counts money  The only distinguishing characteristic of The Counter is accounting, banking, and counting money  The free man or woman is also found using distributed up from the Talker.

RCMP Inspector Ben Soave admitted ignoring international law when chasing the Cuntrera-Caruana clan.  Soave said, "Borders should no longer represent an opportunity for organized crime".  Soave has yet to be tried for his part in trying to kill Rohel in Europe, and Soave helped informants flaunt laws in each country.  Soave would brag about his techniques in the Gazette article "Secrets of Success: Reflections from the boss of Operation Omerta."  Soave’ s ‘no borders law’ didn’ t come up while he defrauded taxpayers, instead he matter of factly says, "So I went to CISO (Criminal Intelligence Services Ontario who provided us with additional funds.  An that was the only way this operation was kept alive"  That is the hate and revenge powering The Counter in each organization using distributed up from the street on any brick that falls off the bus in the future  For today, Soave admits he is a criminal, and Soave remains unpunished by the Attorney General of Canada or the Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould and Prime Minister Justine Trudeau when both have been notified of this page in their emails  The Talker throws the ball to The Counter, and he only asks The Counter to phone the people on the Talkers list who need a little Time.

The RCMP also falsify information to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien in Cabinet in their application for exceptional funding in Ottawa.  The RCMP Commissioner begged ‘extra funding’ from Jean Chrétien in the Cabinet  The funding came as an order in Council.  The VPD and the RCMP convinced international police agencies in 8 countries and 18 major cities to participate in a totally illegal ‘Train Wreck’ in the unfinished book ‘The Little Whore from Clavet’ . 

The Counter will be picking up the ball for justice in the land of forest and ice.  The Counter chosen by the Talker will be handling the phone calls to the 1%ers for a better life  It will be up to The Counter to carry the ball to stop the taxpayer funded child abuse by the whore, junkie, and dirt white trash.  The Talker gives nothing but the 1%er phone numbers, and The Counter will decide how to pursue the back stabbing rat families.  The Counter know the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation are all born rat and raised rat.  The Counter does not know who the Punisher is who used distributed up  The Counter does not know who the paperwork belongs to either  The Counter does not know anything but phone numbers forwared to him and 1 number for The Talker  The Talker can keep a bridtge between him and The Counter to continue to secure relationships which can never be followed by law enforcement breaking common law in the land of forest and ice.

The Punisher Tags the Rat.

The Talker sell the Rat.

What does The Counter aka The Organizer do?

Time is the most prescious part of the Universe!

  6   Decent Dying people get the ‘Gift of Life’ as Organ Recipients
 12  Wealthy Individuals, Parents, and Trusts invest in Life
  6   Free Men & Women earn that wealth with DNA Up & Distributed Up strategies
  4   Global players in the Port of Vancouver earn back rat damage with their Defence!

 28  Better Lives, Wealthier Lives, & a Longer Life for the Chosen finding the ‘Gift of Life’ .

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Punisher vigilante justice hunting and tagging humans, vigilante guide hunt on the fringe.

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